Babies, Binges, and the Brightside

Well, this post is going to be a little all over the place because I have a lot of randomness on my mind.

Also, if you’re here from IComLeavWe, please click here for my welcome post!

1) My best friend in CO had her beautiful baby girl on Friday night in an at home water birth (she was the one who I talked about here b/c it was an “oops” pregnancy that sort of rocked me).

It didn’t go completely according to plan (though she did still get to give birth at home!), but at 6:59pm on July 23rd, she gave birth to a healthy, 6#4oz baby girl.

Lily & Mommy are doing great – I am so incredibly happy for them! Now to get working on making a playmate for her…

2) A woman named Nico found my blog and starting commenting on the archives, and in paticular, she commented on this post about my weight loss struggles and it made me realize I should probably give y’all an update on everything.
I stepped on the scale this morning and throughout the course of July, I have managed to go from 153# to 159#. UGHHHHHHH. Too many weddings & back yard BBQs with beers and braghts and skipped workouts. I need to get back on course, and I really need to do with without falling into the whole binging/bulemia trap. My low about a month ago was 151.8 (20.2# down with only 9.8# to go) and I want to get back on that track to my 142# goal – ASAP. I need to not be crazy (don’t want to negatively affect my fertility chances) but I need to get back on track.
This morning I entered my weight into and I’m going to start religiously tracking my food again and getting my butt out of bed for workouts every morning. I want to limit myself to a few set meals for awhile while I get back on track so I’m not tempted to binge…that never seems to end well for me.
3) The brightside is that I have an incredibly wonderful & loving husband and we do lots of fun things together. Last weekend we took a 3-day rafting trip through Colorado/Utah with some friends to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was such a wonderful time and I love that we are getting better about really getting out and enjoying our environment in beautiful Colorado!


  1. Congrats on your friend's home birth! YAY for the hippies. hahaha. Also I am so envious of you and your rafting trip. I wish I didn't live so far up here it would be awesome to go with you guys sometime. As for the weightloss, definitely don't beat yourself up about the tiny gain. It is nothing. You look beautiful just the way you are. And I am not just saying that, I have actually seen recent pictures of you, trust me! hahaha. Glad you and Charlie are getting out there and enjoying yourselves. Kisses!

  2. Thanks for your comment and the link today, Josey. Its good to see you out having fun in amazing Colorado!

  3. You guys are so cute!!

  4. GOD! I have to be the first to comment on Charles' crossed legs and look like an a-hole? Per usual. This post made me so happy. I love the title and now I want to go rafting with you guys. I can't…cross my short legs like that though. Can I still do shots?

  5. You know, I think we'd be great couple friends if we lived near each other. πŸ™‚

  6. The rafting trip sounds like a blast!

  7. Good for you Jos for getting back on track. Don't forget its not just about the scale but how you feel too. We should try to be work out buddies. I know we don't live by each other but maybe we can let each other know our work out schedules and hold each other accountable. Let me know what you think.

  8. @Nat – thanks hon. I just know that my swimsuits fit a LOT better in the trip we did a month ago than they did last weekend!@Junket – of course you'd comment on that. LOL. Poor Char – he's not going to know what hit him when you join us on one of our trips!!!! Get yer ass to CO, stat! LAX-GJT isn't a bad plane ticket, and I'd DEFINITELY do shots with you if you come out to visit. :)@Kelly – I've thought the same thing while reading your blog. :)@Niki – I'll email you about the workout thing. That's a great idea! Thanks!

  9. Hey, I spy a Cardinals shirt! Woohoo GO CARDS!Congrats on the new baby and good luck with the weight loss. Sounds like you have the determination to make it work!

  10. I know that things feel different from how they look, but wow, you look hot! I don't see the extra pounds anywhere! (Or did you hire a body double for the bathing suit photo?)That's a great bright side you have. It can be so easy to lose track of the good things when other stuff kinda sucks.

  11. I was blog hoping and came across your blog about your journey with infertility. I have been doing the infertile dance for seven years now. I am also going through infertility. I have been in the battle of seven years. I have done it all….years of infertility treatments, IVF, 3 failed adoptions…and so on. It is one of the hardest things I have had to endure. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and this journey. I found you just through blog hoping.I have just started my own blog. It is not about my journey, or how to get pregnant, or all the methods out there. It is more about "keeping the hope" for you, others, me, and just anyone. It was started after a very long emotional blog on my family blog. someone read my blog and started a facebook group called "Keeping the hope for you." It was for my friends and family to keep the hope of me while I did not have the energy to do in myself. So hence my blog…http://keepingthehope4you.blogspot.comThat is what the blog is about…helping everyone and anyone who either wants to keep the hope for them or a love one. keep our spirits up while we ride with roller coaster. I hope you stop by. I would love your comments, ideas, and thoughts. keeping the hope for you…..Amanda

  12. I love the middle shot of you and Charles chugging, and I personally think you look amazing!p.s. I just heard Bradshaw's head explode at the sight of Cardinals paraphernalia

  13. Shut yer face, Biz. πŸ˜› Though I did make a happy squeak. Also, can I join in on the shots?

  14. I think you look great, and it sounds like you have some good fitness goals and a plan of action to get where you want to be. So that's awesome. I admire your strength and courage to talk about your weight loss struggles. thanks for stopping by my blog

  15. Great pictures, Josey! You seem like a really fun person. Loved that you asked the drinking question–I'd been wondering that for a while. I was one of those to give everything up when I first started, but now I only skip the alcohol during medicated cycles. I still have the caffeine, sugar, long hard runs.

  16. What cute pics! Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a great time!! And congrats on the fertility ball and DVD! YAY! Happy ICLW! (#45 & 46)

  17. I see you husband is wearing a Cardinals shirt…I am from St. Louis…Go Cards!!Good luck with the weight loss. I have gained 10-15lbs. since we started TTC….it sucks!!

  18. Cute cute baby! And what a great anniversary trip!! Never been to Colorado…seriously it is gorgeous!(Good luck on the weight loss!)

  19. i was thinking the same thing as Nico, you look great!

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