TISW Check-In

Hm…I just realized I haven’t written an actual weight loss check in post since June 4th, nearly two months ago. Not holding myself accountable much?! *sigh*

At any rate, after freaking out on Monday about the number on the scale, I started counting calories, working out, etc…you know, the shit you gotta do to lose weight. Doh.

This morning I stepped on the scale & it was 153.6# – much better than the 159 on Monday, though not back to where I was at 6 weeks ago!

However, that’s water under the bridge, and I’m happy I’m getting back on track with this. I just did the elliptical machine every morning this week (though I only got in 20 min. this morning b/c I ended up taking apart the fly wheel to figure out why it was making so much racket!) and it just feels good to be getting into a routine.

This weekend I will definitely be drinking some beers (my BFF and former roommate & drinking partner is coming to town for the weekend!), but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. We’re going to play tennis in the morning, soak at the hotsprings to get some rays (it’s a clothing optional one = no tan lines!) and then set up for a BBQ/Housewarming party we’re throwing at our house. I can’t wait!!!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Yay no tan lines!I'm starting the 30 Day Shred Monday or Tuesday. You want to join? 🙂

  2. Sure! Let me know which day you can start and I'll totally do it. 🙂

  3. sounds fab.

  4. and i would do the 30 day shred with you guys, except then i would die. DIE, I TELL YOU.

  5. No you wouldn't!! Try it with us! Get Biz to send it to you like nowsies.

  6. You could totally do it Jamie. C'mon!!

  7. I think you look amazing! Sounds like a good weekend ahead, have fun! Oh…and I wish we lived closer too, yea I could take you pictures…but, well, we would be closer! That would be awesome! 🙂

  8. have a great time!! and a beer for me, I am working all weekend

  9. Good for you! I also have PCOS and have started trying to lose weight. It is a process and difficult, but it feels so good when the pounds roll off, doesn't it? Good luck!Jesshttp://jesstryingtoconceive.blogspot.com/

  10. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy those beers. 🙂

  11. I say throw out the scale and just enjoy life. Have a great weekend and enjoy time with your friend.

  12. Thanks everyone 🙂 Natalie – that's what I usually do, and that's how I went from my happy weight of 140# to my "i'm okay & maintaining" weight of 155# to my "holy shit I'm fat and nothing fits and i'm miserable" weight of 170#!I know I'm lucky that I'm tallish and weight distributes fairly evenly on my body, but the budda belly gets out of control, and until it's a baby bump, I'm going to keep trying to get it down!!

  13. Good for you for getting into a routine and seeing some results!and Definitely don't beat yourself up about enjoying a weekend with friends with a few beers. Have fun!

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