Laying out the options…

Well, to keep me busy during the 2ww (I’m 11dpo today), I decided to start laying out my options for what I’m going to do if it’s another BFN. So far my temps are staying up, but I have ZERO symptoms, so I dunno…completely not feeling optimistic about this cycle. Below shows my temps so far. I’m thinking the random high CD8-10 was from the Clomid hot flashes. Other than that, it’s looking decent – praying they stay up for another 36 weeks, but definitely having my doubts…

Here are the options I’m debating between. Advice would be much appreciated!

1) Try 3 completely non-medicated cycles (per my acupuncturist’s recommendation) to see what my body has figured out to do on its own. This would also help my acupuncturist see if what she is doing is working in the way she’s intending. For me, non-medicated would mean:

Weekly Acupuncture
Herbs (including my FertiliTea)
Pre-Seed around O time
Fertility Yoga
Circle+Bloom Meditation Program
2) Postpone completely non-medicated for one cycle while I use my 1 month supply of FertilAid that I bought months ago (before I realized you shouldn’t use it in conjunction with Clomid). I would still do all of the things above.
3) Try Clomid 150mg again (probably not 200mg?). Do a 7dpo progesterone test again. Hope my number keeps increasing.
If I choose #1 or #2, should I also do the 7dpo progesterone test as well?
Keep in mind, I’m still seeing a regular Ob/Gyn (closest RE is 6 hrs away)… I’ve already done 4 cycles of Clomid, so I have 2 tries left (and these are unmonitored cycles). 
4) Say screw it, and make an appointment with an RE in Denver. Suck it up for the time off and expense and get to someone who specializes in this crap. Figure out if I need Femara, if my tubes are blocked, or what the hell is going on… 
5) Have a breakdown about the emotional and financial toll this is taking on us and completely take a break from everything for awhile. 


It’s 5pm on Thursday, and I just got off the phone with Dr. G.

Yep, you read that right – UNbidden, he took the time to call me and talk about things (first time we’ve spoken since last February at my appointment!).

We talked about the possibility of me going to an RE in Denver (he offered to set something up) but I told him I was trying to avoid that if possible. Talk to me in a couple of months and I might be singing a different tune, but for now I want to try a couple more cycles close to home.

I told him I’m also considering taking a couple cycles off from the Clomid to kind of regroup and focus on the acupuncture side of things. He’s fine with that as well.

Then we talked about Metformin (option #6 I guess!). I don’t know a whole lot about it, but from the little research I did, I guess it’s a diabetes medicine that is actually prescribed to PCOSers to help with ovulation. Bonus side effects – it can decrease hunger so it may help with weight loss, it can also reduce your chances of miscarriage. Negative side effect – I’m pumping more stuff into my body.

I’m honestly considering this. What do you guys know about Metformin? Have any of you taken it? Was it helpful in TTC? Side effects I should know about? Do you think I should try this or should I stick to the “drug free” idea for a bit?

As always, thanks for being there ladies. I don’t know what I’d do without you…


  1. I know you're expecting the hippie answer from me. So here it is. I would recommend #1. I really do think the acupuncture worked for me. I know there isn't a guarantee that what is happening with me is the same as what is going on with you, but there are some things that suggest to me that we are more similar than different. BUT, I am still pulling for this cycle. There is no guarantee that you will see any signs. In fact I have read comments from hundreds of women who felt the same things they felt before they start their period. So I am rooting for your temps to stay up for another 36 weeks. Although it is pretty tempting for me to go with #4 because hello you'd be coming to Denver. Still sticking with #1 though if you don't get the BFP. Are you waiting another few days before you test?

  2. I would definitely take a break from the clomid even if it's for a month. The fact that your cycles are unmonitored may mean your lining is thin from the clomid.I took a year off and that was such a relief for me. I knew I wasn't Ovulating and that was ok because after so many months of fertility drugs and nothing happening I wanted to explode :)I'm not saying take a year, but maybe let your body rest for a month and try #1 & #2

  3. Hmmm, lots of options! My suggestion is to try #2. I bought FertilAid as well, and same thing happened to me…I didn't realize I couldn't take it with fertility drugs. But maybe have your acupuncturist look at it, and if it's ok in correlation with the other herbs, give it a try? If this cycle doesn't work for me, I'll be doing #2 for sure. I think sometimes our bodies just need a break.As for metformin, it was the first drug that my family doctor prescribed. I took it for 2 months, but it didn't work for me. However, he thought I had PCOS which I don't, so maybe it could work for you. But honestly, I think 1 or 2 would be more effective than more drugs.And Melissa is right, who knows what your lining looks like after those rounds of clomid?All that said, I hope this will all be irrelevant by next week when you find out you're pregnant…

  4. If you are going to try a new prescription – I say let your body purge itself from the other Rx's you have already tried – so I guess you would be combining options 🙂 You already know how you feel on clomadin; however, you have expressed a concern about the cost – I think it is a good idea to take a break and let your body regulate itself out a little bit. If the Acupunture options are cheaper, try those so that your body can start regulating itself out a little and then try option 6 (metform-something). (sorry, I am new to the medication lingo)If you decide to go with option 5 I can help you out there as I have gone through and lived option 5 about three times in my life now! 🙂 And, now that I have a job and money you will not be alone 🙂 Hello weekends! 🙂 Most of all, I know that you are very smart and that you research the hell out of anything you do – which ever option you and hubby decide to go with will be the right one. And don't get too skinny on me or else I'll be the one complaining about "you put out as much heat as my big toe – my god you're so tiny!" LOL 🙂 I LOVE YOU SUGAR!~L

  5. Thank you for the book suggestion :)I am partial to the RE route…….only because I LOVE mine so much. He calms me during this whole process and makes me feel like what I am going through is totally normal (even though we know its not). BUT, I would be very interested to hear about the acupuncture/non-medicated stuff if you go in that direction! Its just something I havent looked into yet…..

  6. I can't recommend any advice as I have no knowledge BUT the new drug sounds interesting. Let's research it!

  7. I have been on Metformin since January. I would suggest anyone with PCOS to go on it. I say that, not because it helped with my ovulation, but because of the other side effects it minimized. It has helped with sugar cravings, it has helped with weight gain, it has reduced acne (somewhat) and has helped with other hormonal side effects. I feel healthier. Just know that they highly suggest NO ALCOHOL! 🙂 Alcohol lowers your blood sugar, which counter acts what the medicine is supposed to do, and there are some pretty ugly side effects to it. Make sure you ask about the extended release though, the regular stuff is BRUTAL! It's also fairly inexpensive ($15 a month) and just seems to have positive results for me in feeling better and eating better, and all of those types of things!In regards to the choices, I would definitely at least go see an RE and see what they have to say. You don't necessarily have to start the treatment right away, but they specialize in this kind of stuff. They know. Just explain what you're going through now and they can look at everything to know what the next reasonable step could be. If it is just rest a bit, then you can do that at home. Just because you go doesn't mean you have to start their treatment right away. That's what we did. We went and found what he suggested, and decided we're going to sit on it for a little while to get truly prepared and try a little less aggressive steps first which is where I'm comfortable.This whole thing is hard. I feel you! I wish I could give you advice because it worked for me, but I can't! I can only let you know what has made things easier for me! Hang in there! 🙂

  8. Don't forget about doing a healing session with Mas, the quantum healer guy. I wish I could convey to you how much I believe this man can help you. I can't quite figure out what to write about him without sounding like an off the wall hippie-type out in la-la land somewhere! Me & Natalie from up above in the comments, apparently. lol.Do you believe in miracles? I do. 🙂 I also believe in the power of love. Love will keep you sane when it would be easier to have a breakdown. Call Mas.I love you, Josephine. All will be well. xxMom

  9. Hey girl…Here is my amateur advice: If you go the medicine route, do you think you would wonder a long time if you could have successfully conceived without meds? Do you think you would question whether or not you should have tried acupuncture, herbs, yoga, etc. first before you progress further with treatments?If you choose to go the medicine route, do you think you would wonder a long time if you should take more cautious steps with your OB instead of an RE that is 6 hours away? In my opinion, do what your heart and body tell you. I really feel for you right now because it is not an easy decision to decide the next steps. Honestly, even though I am not pregnant yet, I truly regret not pursuing a more holistic approach before jumping into the injection meds and 4 failed IUI's that I did. Now, I am kind of backpedaling, trying to look into all of the options that your #1 describes. If there is anything I can tell you for sure…be certain you are ready to move forward with treatments…because there is no going back.I HOPE HOPE HOPE that you will just get a BFP this cycle and not have to worry about all of this. If not, take your time with your decisions. We are here to support you with whatever you decide. Sending you strong and calm thoughts.

  10. Josey,I am on Metformin as we speak and also have PCOS. I have been on Metformin since April. At first I didn't see a lot of change, but after June my cycles finally regulated out and I am actually ovulating now. The only negative side effect I have, AND I MEAN NEGATIVE—is that you will spend at least 1/2 your day in the bathroom (#2). However, now that my body has gotten used to it, I am now only spending 1/4 in the bathroom. That is the worst part to me, but don't worry you will get used to it. I take it twice a day, and mine is not the extended release. Anyway, good luck to you..and I hope by the look of your chart that you wont need the metformin for at least 9 months.

  11. I've heard a lot of people take Metformin but honestly I don't know what it really does.The only thing I have to offer is about the RE. I'm new to dealing with one too, but I can tell you it won't just be one appt. It will be several, within a short amount of time, so you need to consider if you are willing to make that kind of commitment. In the next week and a half, I will be in their office at least 4 times!It would be kind of interesting to have a few non-medicated cycles to see what your body can do. Especially because you have been doing all the things you listed.It's a tough decision, but think about it and talk to your hubby and get his opinion too. You'll make the choice that is right for you.

  12. clearly i know nearly nothing about this, but i like the sound of option 1 or option 2, especially if you're going to give the new drug a try. it sounds like a good idea to let things balance out on their own before you try some new approaches.i'm glad that your doctor finally called you and that he seems aware that you might need more help than he can offer.

  13. I have one friend that tried Metformin and it worked for her after the first month. My thought would be to step back and do 1 & 2 – I think the holistic approach is very effective, added in the FertiAid (isn't that natural as well?). If that doesn't work by the Holidays take some time off and visit an RE for peace of mind. If its something as simple as a tube that can be unblocked…well wouldn't that be worth it?

  14. No advice, just wanted to say your chart looks AWESOME!!!!

  15. I'm crossing my fingers you won't have to pick because this is your sticky BFP! haha. 🙂 BUT if it's not, I would suggest taking a break if your heart agrees with that choice. I've learned to listen to it – it leads me in the right direction.

  16. Well #1 is what I'm doing and I totally love it but it's not for everyone. Sometimes it feels like you aren't really doing anything – even though you are. Good luck!

  17. I don't have too much advice on the tx's since I don't know much about them & haven't had the experience. BUT….I would highly suggest taking a break from all the chemicals you have been putting into your body. Don't get me wrong, I think that modern day med's are great! Take a break for a month or so…go with option #1 (& essentially #5…it's okay to break down, you've been through so much!) AND do some research on option #6. Love you!

  18. If it were me, I would take a break from the drugs and let the accupuncture take over. I know I said its not an option for me but if you are seeing results from it, then give it a whirl. Let you lining thicken and your CM come back. If nothing happens in a few months try metaformin. I hear it is better for your body than clomid. Or save the money you would be spending on clomid and in a few months go see the RE and get the initial testing done. I paid about 700 out of pocket to get all intial tests done. Which ever you decided we are here for you!

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