CD2 & Rock Climbing Adventures…

Well, I woke up yesterday and my temp had dropped by a whole degree, so I knew wonderful AF was going to make an appearance. It was a bummer of a day, but luckily it was following up a pretty spectacular day, so I tried to focus on the good instead of the bad.

This is linking to my public blog – funnily enough, I don’t care if you all know my real name – I just don’t want real life people to find my private TTC blog. Since I don’t want to do the same post twice, feel free to check out my rock climbing adventure over here.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on celebrating that I get to drink with my BBS ladies in LA now. There’s an upside to everything, right?


  1. Sorry AF showed..but the rock climbing looks awesome!!

  2. looks like i'm the DD, huh?

  3. lol, nah, we'll figure it out. if we're close to the house, we could just call a taxi anyway!! you never get to drink without worrying about BFing, so you def. get to imbibe if you so chose!

  4. But just think – your cycle is getting shorter! On 34 days, right? (Don't think I'm tracking your cycles too – I just looked at your chart from a few posts back). 🙂

  5. James, I'm with Jos on this. We will make the DD thing work.Though, Jos, just remember that there is still a possibility, being that you're on schedule with me…and Junks…and Biz.Oh god, that weekend will be ridiculous.

  6. LOL – Steph, you just made me crack up. I just figured you'd looked my TTC timeline or BBT charts where I always write how many days it was. 🙂 This cycle was actually 34 days (13 day LP)…shorts cycle I've had in 13 months, and longest LP I've had in 13 months, so that's cool.@Bradshaw – that's kind of ridiculous that 4 of the 6 of us are on the same cycle at this point! Without Clomid, I'm guessing my cycle will be longer this time though. If it stays at 32 days with a 13 day LP, I'd be 7-10dpo when in LA, so definitely not testing yet!

  7. @Steph, I meant 32 days, not 34. Good Lord. My last three were 33, 42, 32…

  8. Ooo look at your hot rock climbing arms! hehehe. My dad is a big climber. I enjoy it every once in a while, but not to the levels of him and my brother. Somewhere around the age of 10 I realized I could die and that is usually all I think about now when I am climbing. I make my dad pull the rope really tight so I know it is there at all times. It is pretty hilarious. Sorry about A.F. what a bitch for showing up. But I was definitely thinking you would want to be able to drink for BBS. I mean is it really a summit without the beer?

  9. Sorry it was negative for you…but a 13 day LP is GREAT. And hopefully those cycles just get shorter and shorter! Awesome pics btw…so jealous of your surroundings!

  10. So sorry for the negative :-(But rock climbing is awesome! I've only been once to Red river gorge in KY (real rock climbing that is, I've done the indoor stuff a few times..) and it was an amazing experience :-).

  11. The rock climbing looks like a great time. Sorry the bitch showed up but I hope you enjoy yourself with some great friends and drinks.

  12. I'm sorry that the bitch showed but I'm glad that you're making the most of it. (((HUGS)))

  13. Funny, I'm CD2 too. Bummer. A 13-day LP is absolutely *fantastic*, shows that what you're doing is really working. I do hope that your body figures out how to do this O thing on it's own!!! I also HAD to comment on your arms, WOW! Holy muscles batman 🙂

  14. My gosh, you're like the Hulk.

  15. I have never been rock climbing. I did watch people do it in Hudson a few weeks ago…it looked scary! But, I am sure it's a complete high when you reach the top. Go you!

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