There is a lot going on in our lives lately, and there are a lot of changes being made…personally, professionally, emotionally…you name it, it’s probably in a state of transition in our home & lives right now. This is a good turn of events…but also a hard, scary process. Everything from how much we drink to how we communicate to how we pay our bills is up for change. I need to take control of some issues that have been eating me alive, and the best way I know how to do that is to just start from square one. 

Here’s the problem… as in love as I am with our new house, it makes some changes a little harder, a little scarier. Bills are tighter, nerves are frayed, and the responsibilities of real life are a little more intense.
The good news? Even though today was my husband’s last day of work (he’s a custom home builder and they’re out of work again), I’m doing okay. We just found out that they’ll have a little job (lasting 2-3 weeks) that will start later this month, and though it sucks to even lose one day of income, at least we have a little security there. Then we also just found out that his Dad’s best friend (who owns a concrete company in the area) just landed a huge job in a town about 90 miles away. It will be a commute, but it’s a JOB. It’s going to be a lot of driving, but it pays well and it’s a solid seven or so months of work that will get us through the winter. Hopefully by the time spring rolls around, there will be more houses to build and work to be had.
My work is in transition as well, though it’s not something I can write about on here yet. Hopefully I will be able to soon!


  1. Glad your DH found work, even if it is a commute away.I hope you are doing okay!! I'm a mess when so many things are up in the air :)((HUGS))

  2. Well I hope your transitions go smoothly..And Yay that your husband has work even with a commute..I hope it all works out!

  3. Hang in there…glad he found some jobs until spring! We have been through job transitions every year since we have been married, and it is so hard! We all became a part of the real world at a really bad time. But the change will lead to something great! 🙂

  4. Keep your chin up and I am sure the transitions will go smoothly. Best of Luck.

  5. Oh man sweetie, just remember you will make it through all of this. It is good that you have each other and can be there for one another during this time. Everything will work out, it always does. It seems impossible sometimes, but things somehow find a way.

  6. It takes strength to make changes like these, so pat yourself on the back for being able to do this. Not having a consistent income can definitely add stress to your lives – hang in there and take it a day at a time. HUGS!

  7. I'm glad he's been able to find somewhat regular work…someone's looking out for you! And so excited to hear how tonight goes. Good luck! Things are really turning around for you 🙂

  8. So happy to hear there is some good news for your husband's job! Good luck with everything coming your way!!

  9. At least you have your new career as a photographer on the horizon. 🙂 Change can be a good thing, albeit really fricking hard. Good luck, kiddo.

  10. I don't know about you but I love change because most of the time…something exciting is at the end of that rainbow! xo

  11. Transitions are tough! But you can get through it! Money is the biggest reason for marital problems, so try not to let it affect yours and your husband's relationship. You will make it through!-Jess

  12. Look how many comments you got! Man, you are popular. Sheesh.Love you!

  13. Thanks everyone! Until the new job starts, Charlie has a punch list of items to do around the house and unemployment has been filed for. :)Hoping and praying some things work out for me here soon as well!

  14. Transitions are rough for sure- hoping you can ride these ones out and be happier/stronger on the other side!

  15. That day to day not knowing if there will be work is so difficult! I am glad there is work in the future, but I hope your hubs is able to get some more consistent work so you do not always have to worry!

  16. I feel 'ya! It's interesting to work off of one income – we're doing it right now. I'm glad your husband found something, I'm hoping mine does quickly!

  17. Change is always hard, but it can be exciting and thrilling, too. It kind of annoys me that your feedjit thingy says I'm from Clarkfield, MN. nuh-uh! Not. And that's all I'll say about THAT. lol.Anyway, I always think "What's the worst that can happen?" and most of the time the answer to that question is something I can live with. Or recover from. lol. xxlove youMom

  18. Transitions are hard. Infertility makes any stressful event or time in our lives that much more stressful and we do our best to hang in there. Best of luck on the job front!

  19. I think I would be permanently stressed out if married to a contractor–so good for you on the peace you seem to have. I guess you get used to it. I'm hoping you get one more transition to add to the list very soon–transitioning to being pregnant :).

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