On a Tangent

So my new coworker and I were chatting today, and I asked how old her daughter was (a TOTAL cutie that I met for the first time yesterday). I guess she’s 3, and my coworker proceeded to say

we gave her hell trying to make a sibling, but i guess it just wasn’t meant to be

Wow. I barely know this woman, and she openly shared this with me. I’m impressed. Long story that involved 2 m/c, a tubal, and an ectopic, but she’s now left with no tubes, 35 years old, and no money for IVF. She continued with

it was incredibly hard, but we are so blessed to have gotten one child out of the deal, some people don’t get that

I JUST ABOUT broke down and told her about our troubles, but b/c my boss doesn’t know we’re trying and I barely know this woman, I decided to hold off.

At any rate, she then continued with an awesome This is why you should be glad you don’t have kids story.

You ready? 🙂

So I guess she was taking a bath with her daughter last night, when suddenly the daughter starts giggling and says, “POOP Mama!”

Yep, she pooped. In the tub. With her Mom. BLOOP! BLOOP!

My coworker FREAKED. Said they ran through the house to the other bathroom to shower, and she was just dying laughing, mortified, you name it. Had a long talk about how it wasn’t okay to poop in the bathtub. LOL.

So then today, Grandma was babysitting after daycare, and after the 3yo got out of the bathroom, she said, “I pooped! But no bathtub. NO bathtub.”

Awesome kid. Lesson learned. 🙂


  1. Ha, that's priceless! I found out someone else at my office knows what I'm going through and I feel so "out" and insecure – now that SIX people in my little office are knocked up! Maybe as time goes by you'll get to know this lady better and she might be a great source of support for you.

  2. HAHA! I love it! I love how honest kids are!

  3. That is funny and I have my own mortifying poop moment. My sister and I are 5 & 6 years apart but when we were all younger my mom would put us all in the tub together when my younger sister was about 2 and she pooped in the bathtub when all 3 of us were in there. I remember jumping out so fast and then having to take a shower. That was the last time I ever took a bath with them again.

  4. FUNNY! Thanks for sharing- made me smile. ;)~Jesshttp://bringingyoumorethanasong.blogspot.com/

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