Foto Fun Friday Week 2 – Secret Shoppers

Yeah, I know, I already forgot about Foto Fun last Friday, but this week I’m on top of it!

Being Secret Shoppers is Hard Work!

So a week or so again, a woman I know in the area called and asked if I could be a Secret Shopper at the new brewpub she is managing in the town next door. All food/drink would be reimbursed – we just needed to email feedback on the host/bartender/waitress/food/etc.



  1. And…what was your review like? I've always wanted to do this!

  2. That's an awesome deal! I love the photo. 🙂

  3. Awesome! Sign me up!

  4. @Amanda – it was great!! We had some great specialty brews, wings that were out of this world, and M got loaded baked potato soup and I got a caesar salad. All was delicious! Service was at about 75%, but they're brand new and working out kinks, hence the reason we were asked to come in and give feedback. Not a bad way to get a free $50 meal!@Katie – thanks! It's from my crappy old cell. I just finally ordered a Blackberry (yay!) and in the next 6 months, AT&T is taking over in our area so I'll finally be able to get an iPhone to take pics on. I can't wait!

  5. Sounds exciting! I'd be a secret shopper every day if I could! Ha!~Jess

  6. Awesome! Can you hook me up with a secret shopping gig in the Bay Area ;)?

  7. What a sweet deal!!

  8. I had a friend that would do that from time to time and I always thought that was fun! Glad it was a fun time! 🙂

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