Happiness Today, Hope Tomorrow

Thanks Miss Amanda for nominating me for the Happiness Today, Hope Tomorrow award. I agree – it’s a great reminder to not be so busy focused on the tomorrow that you forget about the joys of today.

The rules are easy – you put that picture up on your blog and you post about one thing you’re happy about right now and one thing that you are hoping for in the future. And then you pass the award along.

I’m going to steal Miss Oak‘s way of doing things and look at this from a few different angles. 

Right now, at this very second (4:15pm on Thursday afternoon), I’m freaking out ridiculously excited that I get to leave work in 45 minutes to get on a plane to fly to L.A. to meet 5 fellow bloggers in real life this weekend. Ironically enough, NONE of them are fellow TTCers, but they have been absolutely wonderful friends to me since I started this blog. Give ’em some love if you want to check out some awesome reads.

In this stage of my life, I’m also incredibly grateful to have such a supportive husband. When I freak out because of money, jobs, IF, weight, you name it, he calms me down, doesn’t care if I buy a crazy expensive camera right when I shouldn’t, tells me to quit my job and find something that makes me happy, tells me we have each other – even if we never become parents, tells me I’m beautiful… the list goes on and on. I married a good one, yes I did. Thank you honey.

In the history of my life, I am so happy that I was born into such a loving, caring, involved family. My parents, my sisters, my brother… they all rock. Then I lucked out even more and married a guy with a family JUST. LIKE. MINE. It’s amazing to have two families to call my own and truly love every single member in both of them. 

In the future of my life, I am of course hoping and praying to have the chance to be a Mommy. I’ve always thought I’d be a Mom, but never had the burning desire to be one until the day I married my husband. I swear to you everything changed that summer… all of a sudden I could see myself having children and doing that crazy stuff that most of my friends started on years before me. I crave it. I want a baby to cuddle and a toddler to play with and an adolescent to drive me nuts. I want to cry when my daughter gets married and hold my own grandchildren someday. Above all, I want to never lose perspective and remember that even if that doesn’t happen for me quite how I’ve dreamed, I’ll still have a wonderful man to grow old with. 

With that being said, I’d like to nominate:

Rachel from Wade’s World
Stephanie from Blawnde’s Blog

I can’t wait to learn a little more about you ladies! 

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  1. What a wonderful, positive outlook on things. And that husband of your definitely sounds like a keeper!!!! Have fun in LA!!!

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