CD1 – Here we go Cycle 9

Sorry about three posts in one day. It’s a rarity!

Cycle 8 Stats – 30 day cycle / Ovulated CD19 / 11 day LP / 7dpo progesterone 9.1
Compared to my last 4 cycles (the ones that have been fairly “normal”), those numbers are pretty good!
My cycles have ranged between 30-42 days (this is my shortest since we’ve started TTC!).
My O day has ranged from CD19-30 (again, on the good end of the spectrum this cycle).
My LP has ranged from 11-13 days (this is the bummer, that I went 11,12,13 and back to 11).
My 7dpo prog. levels ranged from 8.8 – 11.1 (however, this was a NON medicated cycle, so I’m stoked it was still at a decent level just with acupuncture and herbs).

Basically, it seems like my body is figuring shit out… so now we just need to keep at it and hope that one of these cycles will be the one for us! I’m still thinking we’ll try au naturale through the 1st of the New Year, and if we still aren’t KU, I’ll be making an appointment with an RE.

For this upcoming cycle, I’m going to do/take:

BBT temping throughout
Wheatgrass throughout (2 servings/day)
*Fertility Yoga throughout
Prenatal vitamins throughout
*Circle+Bloom Meditation Program throughout
*FertiliTea throughout
Weekly Acupuncture throughout
*Body Brushing throughout to help keep me detoxed
Vitex Supplement throughout
Flaxseed throughout (1000 mg morning & night with meals)
Herbs (Women’s Precious & Wu Chi Pai Feng Wan until O time)
Evening Primrose Oil until O time (1000 mg morning & night with meals)
Pre-Seed around O time
Herbs (Arouse Vigor from O time through 2ww)
Pomegranate juice from O time through 2ww

I’m also going to look into adding Vitamin C and possibly Vitamin E into my diet. I’m bruising really easily, and my acupuncturist thinks it’s from a deficiency of Vitamin C.

I happen to be out of prenatal pills this coming weekend – does anyone have a particular brand they recommend above the others?

I’m feeling okay about AF this cycle – just really ready to move forward!!!

*I need to get better at doing these consistently.


  1. New cycle=new beginnning!It is definitely pretty easy to pop pills every evening, but to scoop out time in your schedule to do yoga/meditation always proves to be more difficult. I know you can do it though!

  2. good luck! I will be thinking about you and praying for a BFP for us both!

  3. No matter what we say (and I know I've been saying I'm okay about AF too) it's still hard and it still sucks when she comes when you don't want her too. So big hug on that.CD19 O is good! 11 day LP isn't bad… so it does seem like things are lining up (pun intended 😉

  4. Nice stats!!

  5. Such good news. Keep doing what you're doing because it's clearly working!

  6. Glad to hear your body is starting to figure stuff out! I'd be scared to go off all meds for a few cycles to see what would happen.

  7. Yay for bodies trying to straighten shit out!

  8. @Junket – I'm blaming you and Bradshaw for the short LP this cycle since I think you both pulled me onto your cycles last weekend!! :-)Thanks everyone else… CD1s are hard, and I didn't cry a tear until 10pm in bed last night. *sigh* Was hoping I could at least stay upbeat and positive for ONE CD1 in this journey! Thank God my husband rocks.

  9. Wow. So nice to have such a great and normal unmedicated cycle!!! So excited for you Josey!Hope this next cycle gets even better.

  10. Josey this is awesome news for an unmedicated cycle! Shorter than on Clomid and progesterone levels weren't significantly lower. I am glad you are thinking about keeping at it for a couple more months. Hopefully it won't take much longer. My midwife had me change my prenatals to Rainbow Lite Prenatals. You have to take 6 a day….which I am bad about, but they are food-based prenatal, which is apparently easier for your body to absorb? Or something.

  11. Definitely seems like your body is figuring itself out! I really think it's just a matter of time. The cycle I got pregnant was the earliest ovulation I had ever had, so I really think that was a sign that my body was in a better place.

  12. I take Simply One Prenatals, my acu recommended them for the non constipating iron. Good luck this cycle!

  13. that is awesome you have had such a great response to a non-medicated cycle. i hope it all works out and you stumble upon your positive really soon.I have a suggestion for the prenatels actually its more of a don't take. Its the Whole Foods Brand 365 don't use those they smell and taste aweful.

  14. I can just hear the excitement/hope in your voice! You are so organized with everything you are keeping up with. 🙂

  15. Your body is really starting to align…all the changes you've made recently, as well as your commitment to herbs, acupuncture, yoga etc are REALLY PAYING OFF. I truly believe it's just a matter of time now…

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