Wordless Wednesday – Lovin’ the New Camera

FYI – the spec top/right is actually on the mirror I was facing while taking this picture.


  1. That's awesome! Where was this taken?

  2. In L.A. last weekend – the house we stayed at had a mirror on the outside (random) so I faced the mirror and that's a picture of the skyline that you looked at from the house! It was gorgeous.

  3. VERY cool picture!! Love it!

  4. The little black blob actually kinda looks like a black government helicopter, which is kinda hilarious.

  5. nice pic. this inspires me to put more photos on my blog. happy ICLW.

  6. Very cool photo!

  7. Am I the only one that didn't take a picture of myself in that mirror? Dangit.

  8. Beautiful!!

  9. amazing, you have a great eye.

  10. Pretty.I've browsed, and that combined with an endorsement from the lovely Bradshaw has led me to decide that I like you. Therefore, I shall continue reading!

  11. @nicalyse – thanks 🙂 a friend of bradshaw is a friend of mine. i'll check your blog out too!

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