A Little of This and a Little of That

Phew…okay, sorry I’ve been a little scatterbrained and all over the place lately. A lot has been happening that I wasn’t able to talk about yet, but I think now I can at least give you a quick overview of what’s going on.

*This is CD7. No meds. Just acupuncture & herbs. We’ll see how that goes. For some reason I’ve reached a point where I don’t really ever expect to see a BFP. I guess I’m just numb? Has anyone else felt this way?

*I’m back to counting calories and trying to work out 6x/week. I need to get back on the horse and get to my goal weight, sooner rather than later!

*We went to a GORGEOUS wedding this past weekend (pics coming soon) out at the Do.ubl.e R.L. Ranch (owned by Ra.lph & Ri.cki. Lau.ren). It is an absolutely stunning ranch, and it was a great wedding. The bride is one of my very best friends in town here, and she was absolutely stunning on her wedding day. I love weddings. 🙂

*My parents are coming to visit this week! They live in MN and we live 1,100 miles away in southwest Colorado. I cannot wait to have them here. 🙂 Sadly, they’re delaying their trip for a day because of the crazy flooding going on in their area right now. They’re farmers and many of their (beautiful, gorgeous) crops are already underwater with almost another 1,000 in danger of flooding out in the next day or so.

That’s my Grandparent’s Home Farm in the back left.
This road is just to the west of my parent’s house. 🙁
It’s a crappy situation, but there’s really nothing you can do but wait and see if the river quits rising. It’s amazing how much rain they’re received this year… for awhile it was a great thing, but at this point, it really needs to QUIT RAINING. *sigh*
*Our household is about to drastically change, in more ways than one. This weekend our younger dog (Kasey) is going to go to a new home in MN (on my parent’s farm!). We just can’t handle him anymore – he’s a border collie / rottweiler mix, and he is a JUMPER. No matter what we do, he just wants to jump our fence & run… so it was finally decided that he might have a better home in MN at my parent’s place where he can run for miles and not bother the neighbors. I don’t think I’ve really wrapped my head around the fact that he’s leaving yet, but it will be real when he drives away with my parents this weekend. At least I don’t feel like we’re totally abandoning him since I know he’ll be going to a great home!
*My husband’s job is still in flux… he’s been out of work the past three weeks (scrambling for little side jobs – thank God he’s been able find a few!) and we’re hoping he gets back to work full time asap, because…
*I put in my 2 weeks notice last Wednesday. Well, not even two weeks, but my “hey, I’ve been waiting for nearly a month to discuss the issues I raised in my review and nothing has happened so it’s time for me to move on” notice. I’m petrified that this is an awful time to quit my job. I was the only solid income and the mortgage is a scary thing to face, but I needed to find a job where I’m happier and more content. 
*That being said, as of (hopefully) this Friday, I’ll be running the bar at a new bar & restaurant that’s opening just a few blocks from our house. I’m not sure if I’m totally ready to work nights & weekends again, but some sort of change needed to happen, and this is a great opportunity for me. The owner of the building is opening the restaurant – she’s a great cook and will be running the restaurant side, but she knows nothing about the bar side, so that will be my responsibility. We’re still negotiating a few things, but for the most part we’re all set. I’m so excited to be doing a job where I’m not sitting in front of a computer every day!
*…so where does that leave this blog? I have no idea. I don’t want to leave this world at all – you ladies have been so wonderful to me. I definitely won’t be in front of a computer much at all (though thanks to my first ever Blackberry it will be a little easier to keep in touch)…but we’ll have to see how my blog reading goes. I follow a lot of you b/c I connect to you all in different ways – I hope I can continue that! It just might be a quiet month or so for me while this whole transition takes place. 
I hope every else’s weeks are going well! It’s 80 degrees and beautiful today, which makes me happy. 🙂


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your family's farm out in MN! I hope it stops raining out there!! I lived in MN for 3 years and loved it out there..I hope the new job brings you closer to what you want from work

  2. That is a lot of change! I know it will all turn out for the best. I worked a bar for a few years in college and it was an excellent way for me to lose weight! I was always walking and lifting heavy trays and too busy to sit on my butt. So, that's a side benefit!I hope that you find time to keep blogging. But I completely understand that you'll be in major transition. Good luck to you!!

  3. So many changes! I'm excited for you, and I'll keep positive thoughts in my head for your parents' farm (and of course, as always, for you and a BFP. xoxoxo

  4. Well I know you were struggling with work, so I am glad you found something new that will hopefully give you a nice break from sitting at a desk all day. I will miss the frequency of your posts, but hopefully you can still do it every once in a while and let us know what is going on.Maybe all this change will help you conceive. All that improvement to your sense of wellbeing will make a happier uterus. hahaha. Don't give up hope. It will happen.

  5. I'm from western Wisconsin and we got some flooding here too!! I hope this transition brings you some relief. A job change could be just what you need. It is easy to give up hope, but try not to. I still think you will get your BFP. Patience girl. 🙂

  6. I think you need to do what you need to do to protect your sanity and if work is driving you crazy – you need to drop that right? I hope this new place works out for you!

  7. Wow, lots of changes!! Yay for the good changes, and I'm sorries for the not so good ones. Your new job sounds so exciting! I envy you getting away from a computer all day. I hope you are able to manage your blog still – I love being able to catch up on what you've been up to. And maybe this change is just what you need to get your BFP!!

  8. I felt that I would never see bfp right before I saw mine last year. And now I feel again like I'll never see one, but I'm trying to hold onto hope. I've seen how quickly things can change for the better.

  9. Wow, so many changes in store! I'm sorry you have to give up the dog, but it seems like a good decision, especially with you switching to a nights/weekends job. And it sounds like a really fun job! I could never do it because I simply don't know enough about alcoholic beverages. But just watch, you'll get your BFP this round just as you're starting and won't be able to enjoy those bar drinks at all. A very small sacrifice to make :).And yes, I did sometimes really feel like I'd never see a BFP. But you will. Your issues are really similar to mine–just waiting around for the hormones to get back on track a bit. They will one day, and probably sooner rather than later!

  10. Wow, you've been busy! Can't wait to catch up and hear more details…unpacking and getting organized tonight, but will write tomorrow! xo

  11. Wow, you have got a lot going on girl! Remember to take deep breaths…Feeling numb has definitely been something that I have experienced. Sometimes I think it is just our way of protecting ourselves. I hope once you start your new job you feel a sense of relief. We will miss you here but take all of the time you need to adjust to your new schedule. I will be thinking of you lots.

  12. i hope your family's lad gets the relief it needs. Good for you for leaving your job your not happy with. it takes some guts but i think you will be happier in the end. good luck at the bar, i bartend so if you ever need anything just hollar!

  13. Holy comments, Jos!Yes, changes. Lots. I like em.

  14. Good luck on your new job….I hope you find something that makes you happy!! Sorry about your families farm, but how exciting to get to have your family visit you!Even if your blogging is delayed….I will keep reading 🙂

  15. How did I not realize that you live in CO too? Love it here in CO 🙂 I am sure that it must have been hard to see your furbaby go but going to live with your parents sounds like a great solution for all <3

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