Wordless Wednesday – A Visit from Honeymoon Friends

We met in Jamaica on our honeymoon, and 2+ years later, the Californians & Coloradans reunite!


  1. that is so cool! and what beautiful scenery 🙂

  2. Love vacation friends!

  3. That is very cool that you guys made friends with some people on your trip! I wish we had kept up with some of the people we met on ours……

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  5. So cool, and beautiful scenery. We still keep in touch with a couple we met on our honeymoon, too.

  6. Just so you know, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to only put up wordless Wednesday posts. Cheater. I miss you.

  7. That's a really beautiful shot. So well composed. Self timer? How is Chief doing being an only-dog?? Kasey pretty much thinks he died and went to heaven here on the farm. lol. He's always wandering around peeing on things. And now I have a partner again in chasing squirrels off my bird feeder. xxlove you Josey!

  8. How cool that you guys kept up with honeymoon friends! You must be very friendly people :).

  9. Mom – Mikelle took the picture, so I'll pass along your compliments to her. :)It was so fun to have Nate and Jenny here!! She's 4+ months pregnant too, lucky duck. Hopefully we'll be joining that bandwagon soon!

  10. Wow – the picture and the story are amazing!

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