A Day Off

Wow… so even though I’m supposed to be working on a side bookkeeping job today, this is officially my first “free” day in ages, thanks to a great friend of mine that is doing a special guest appearance bartending for me tonight so I can have a night at home. So far I’ve slept, read blogs, slept, watched DVR, slept, and am finally blogging. I really need to get to that bookkeeping. At any rate, here’s a rundown of my crazy life lately…

Sept 30 – My final day at my old desk job. With the perspective I’ve gained over the past three weeks, I’d like to kindly say that my ex-boss can go jump off a fucking building. I’ve tried to end things on a good note, but 19 days later I’m seeing that it’s not possible. Hoping that in the next day or two I’ll be able to never talk to the woman again.

Sept 30 – Oct 4: My parents were in town. It was awesome. Love when they visit, and love them!

Oct 4 – 6: Frantically worked on getting things organized at the new job. It’s a Sports Bar & Restaurant and we were opening our doors for the first time on the 7th. I’m basically running the bar half, so I was working on ordering liquor, finding good waitstaff, organizing the bar, etc.

Oct 7-10: Visit from honeymoon friends. First time DH has seen them since our honeymoon (Sept08) and first time I’ve seen them since May 09. So awesome to have them out here!

Also on Thurs Oct 7: Soft opening at the new restaurant. No advertising – hoping we wouldn’t get our butts kicked so we could get our feet under us. In a mixed blessing, we are packed. All night.

I worked the 7th and 8th and took the 9th off so that I could have one evening with my friends who were in town. Brought them to the airport the morning of the 10th, and went straight back to work the afternoon of the 10th.

I’ve worked every night since. It’s been busy as hell for the most part – which is GREAT – but which also means I’m exhausted and out late and not seeing nearly enough of my husband. I was also working on tying up loose ends at my old job and getting my Associate Broker license transferred. Not enough minutes in the day. In the  midst of all this, my ex-boss is pulling some crazy ass bullshit that I am totally over dealing with.

Oh, and did I mention that the job my husband was supposed to work on for the next 6-7 months fell through last week? Thank God for unemployment, but still, it’s a major blow to our income, and that sucks.

At any rate, I didn’t take my temp this morning b/c I worked until 2am last night and had some drinks and completely slept through my 5:45 alarm, but here’s a pic of my OPKs from CD23-CD28…

…so I THINK maybe I’m going to finally ovulate. I’m on CD29… but we’ll see. My temps are so damn bizarre this cycle. I’m also out of OPKs, so I didn’t take one today. Sucks that life has been so busy that TTC has been on the back burner, but it’s still been 100% worth it to get out of the hell hole job I was in.

On a side note, I won another giveaway from A over at Remember All The Way. Thanks A!


  1. Wow, you have such a cool job! Seems hectic and stressful, but fun at the same time. Your OPKs definitely look promising for you to ovulate!!! Get busy, girl. πŸ˜‰ Good luck!

  2. I like you writing. πŸ™‚

  3. OMG stop writing/sleeping/reading blogs and get your ass in bed with the hubs! You guys better be BDing like there is no tomorrow! hehehe. Come on O! You can do it. I need pom poms or something. Good thing I am not closer, you might find me outside cheering you on. Glad you are alive and that things are going well. You are going to have to spill about the ex-boss though. I loves me some juicy stories.

  4. I agree with the above poster on all matters. πŸ™‚

  5. Yay for a very positive OPK! I'm so happy it is happening this time, and not too late. Probably just a little delayed by all the chaos in your life right now. And your new job sounds super fun, if totally crazy. I'm very sorry about your hubby's job :(. Hope something else comes through soon for him!

  6. Wow you have been busy! Can I come work for you?! πŸ™‚ So excited about those OPKs!!

  7. Great news about the positive OPK! Very exciting. Sorry to hear your ex boss is crazy…but don't let the stress get to you! You've got better (and cuter) things to "do". πŸ˜‰

  8. I love your bar!! So nice! SOO happy to hear you're going to O soon…all on your own!!

  9. You are one busy girl. Glad you got a day off…hope you spent your time wisely..in bed with your hubby!!

  10. wow, look at that bar!! congrats on a successful opening so far!i mailed you the dishwasher soap on monday, so hopefully it will reach you soon! be sure to give it a shake before you use it- i hope you are as pleased as i am!!will be praying for a healthy eggie πŸ™‚

  11. You are one busy girl!

  12. Wow you have been one busy lady. I hope you get some R & R. It looks like a positive OPK to me, good luck with the baby dancing.

  13. UGH! I hate OPK…I can never tell! Good luck, hope you ovulated (since I've a few days behind!)

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