Day 5 – A photo that makes me laugh & something I hope to do in life.

Day 05 → a photo that makes you laugh.

My husband hates dressing up for Halloween, but two years ago I talked him into it (I went as a Greek Goddess & he was a Greek God). Well, after after a few beers and shots, he really got into it. At this point, he had just stepped into the center of the kitchen and actually said, “these are my people” like he was Jesus or something. I love this man. 🙂

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.
Well, the obvious answer here is “to have kids,” but I probably should find something non-IF related to talk about since that’s not my whole life!

Honestly, I’d LOVE to live abroad for [at least] a year with my husband (and kids if that happens). Living in France was one of the best experiences of my life, and I think it’d be so great to just pick up and move across the world for awhile. I doubt it’d be a life-long thing by any means (I love living close to family too much for that), but for a year or two – I think it’d be an awesome awesome awesome thing to do. Ceejay – thank you for reminding me that it IS possible to do something like that!
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  1. That picture of C is just awesome. Just absolutely awesome.

  2. My husband actually went at Jesus a few years ago. I'm pretty sure he's going to hell, but it was really funny. LOL

  3. Come join us in China in a few years when we have the language thing figured out! I definitely think it's one of the best experiences you can give your kids–to get them out of America for a while so they realize that the world really doesn't revolve around us :). And skype makes the whole distance-from-family thing so much easier.

  4. I want to live abroad too. While I doubt it really counts, Toronto would be one of my top choices. I think I'd make a good Canadian, eh.

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