Day 9 – A photo of me as a baby & someone I didn’t want to let go but just drifted apart from

Day 09a photo of yourself when you were a baby.

I know I’m not a baby in this picture, but I don’t have any infant pictures online of me.
I totally love this photo of me and Mom though. 🙂 

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.
Easy, my friend H. We lived together in college and got along great, but somehow in the past five years we’ve totally drifted apart. I still see her probably once a year when I’m back in MN, but things are just…different. She’s one of the phone calls I got last month of “surprise, I’m 20+ weeks pregnant with my 2nd child” … which honestly, hurt BADLY. The other girl we lived with is still a close mutual friend of both of ours…but somehow she and I have disconnected. It makes me sad. 🙁 Has anyone else lost a close friend, just because of distance and time – not necessarily an issue of differences?


  1. Yep! I have definitely drifted from someone who was my best friend in college – we were inseparable! I was even in the delivery room when she had her first child – I was one of the helpers! I mean, we were super duper close…. Then, I didn't even get a phone call when she had her 2nd child 2.5 years after that. Talk about hurt! I have no idea what happened either…

  2. Yes…but I find true friendships don't need constant contact. My best friend lives 4 hours away, and we could go for 10-12 months without seeing eachother, but the second we're together, it's like we're back in University, roomies again. We also don't have to talk as much to keep in touch. But at the same time, I've lost contact with the rest of our roommates. Crazy how we went from living with eachother for 4 years, to random facebook comments here or there. It sucks, but the friends worth keeping always seem to stick around :)Love that pic btw…it looks so much like you, even though you're so young!

  3. Yes – I'm not sure why we drifted apart but I tried to remain in touch and keep things going – she stopped trying. So I finally said "Whatever, if you want to talk/hang out you know my number." So far I haven't heard from her. When I announced my pregnancy on FB I got a "Congrats" from her and that's all. I felt I had better friends who would take the effort to connect with me and it wasn't one sided. I now focus on those.

  4. OMG you were the cutest baby EVER!!!

  5. I've moved around a lot in my life and have definitely lost many friends because of distance. The good thing is that it doesn't bother me too much anymore and I kind of expect it to happen. The bad thing is that I think it doesn't bother me enough, so I don't value keeping in touch with people much anyway. And it made choosing the bridesmaids in my wedding very difficult. I do definitely invest in friends that are nearby, but I kind of live in a box that travels with me wherever I go.

  6. Wow you were such a cute baby but that make sense because you are such a beautiful woman now.

  7. Thank you for your comment on my post. You are so sweet!!! I have been reading your blog for about an hour and I LOVE it!!!!! I would love to talk to you anytime if you need help with the whole alcohol thing. Trust me I know what it feels like when your not sure it is so hard. You are beautiful and I am excited to start reading your blog everyday!!!!

  8. Oh and I love your 30 days of truth thing you are doing. I have been wanting to do something like that…Maybe can I borrow the idea. I love it!

  9. Dude your mom looks like she is 12. So young. I have definitely lost a few friends just by distance. I think it is inevitable. As hard as I have tried with some of them to stay in touch, it does just get lost sometimes.

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