One Last Round…

Tomorrow’s forecast is a high of 36 degrees with 70% chance of snow. That’s pretty typical for Colorado in November, but we’ve been extremely spoiled with a little Indian Summer every since that first snow a couple of weeks ago. That’s how we decided (on November 7th for goodness sakes!) that we’d throw on some shorts and tees and head to the golf course to get another round in before the snow flies. That is NOT normal for our area this time of year!

Rockin’ our orange shirts!
You can’t tell from this picture, but parts of the course were just COVERED in leaves.
We lost way too many balls because of that. šŸ˜›
Mom – do you remember those pink golf balls you got me for Christmas that got me in trouble at the airport security? šŸ™‚ I love them!


  1. Looks like fun…glad you are taking time to enjoy yourself.

  2. Enjoy the weather!! It's going to be snow season so soon

  3. It was the Santa Ana's in California that gave us the few days of 70 degrees. It was awesome. Maybe California is good for something after all. Betcha Junket will jump on me for that one :). I love how you match.

  4. How did it get you in trouble?

  5. I love that last pic of you. And ya, how did they get you into trouble?

  6. I had golf balls in my carry on and when it went through the security scanner, they pulled me aside and did the major check and interrogation b/c apparently golf balls look like TNT or something (because of their uniform size, shape, and density). Who knew?!

  7. CUTE!

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