Day 14 – best friends and a hero that’s let me down

Day 14: a photo of your best friend (s)

I’m not good about posting just one photo, so here are a few of me with my two best friends in the whole wide world! Jess is my best friend from college, and Jen is my best friend from high school (jr high actually). Even though they both still live in MN, they were both in my wedding, and they’re the type of friends that I can go weeks or months without talking to but I know they will ALWAYS be there for me. Love them both. Luckily, they really get along well, so the three of us have had some great times together!

Jess, Jen, me (at our engagement party in MN, summer 2008)
Jess (jen’s bff from college), Jen, me, Jess (fall 2001 – college homecoming weekend)
Jen, Jess, me (the night before my wedding)
Jen drove to CO with an 8 week old baby to be in my wedding!
Jess’ husband (one of my best guy friends from college) had just opened a chiropractic practice so she flew out solo for the wedding. So glad she could make it!  

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

I’ve stared at this on and off for the past three hours and have NO IDEA what to write. I’m trying to be honest with this 30 Days of Truth thing, but really, my heroes in life would be my parents, and they haven’t let me down, so I’m at a loss. What would you have written in this space?

On a side note (fyi, if my body was my hero, I’d feel it had let me down), it’s CD13, I haven’t even started to use my OPKs, I accidentally slept through my timer to temp this morning – basically, I’m just blocking out all thoughts about TTC this cycle. Not gonna lie, it’s kinda nice…


  1. There's nothing better than Bff's. Seriously! 🙂

  2. o god these are big smiles.

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