Wordless Wednesday – Our European Twins

HAHAHA. Yeah, I know, not so much, but, I think it’s telling that I’ve been obsessed with Prince William since childhood, and I ended up marrying a guy that looks so much like him. Now if only I could look like Kate. 🙂 Check out this video interview of them – it made me love them both even more! 


  1. Dude they are totally your celebrity dopplegangers. Sure not exactly, but pretty close.

  2. Oh my gosh…you guys do look alike!

  3. BAHAHA another thing in common…I was OBSESSED with him in high school…was soo sad when I realized there was no chance in hell. But now that you mention it, he DOES look like the hubby! Yours is cuter though 🙂

  4. I too was obsessed with William when I was younger!!!

  5. HA, Awesome! Never noticed that in pics before! Love Prince Williams. How cute are the two of them together.

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