Day 17 – photo of something that changed my life & a book that changed my views

Day 17a photo of something that has changed your life

Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

The Five Love LanguagesFor our wedding we received this book twice, and it is such an amazing book. In fact, I just set it on C’s pillow last night to beg him to finally read it, and I’m going to re-read it. It just makes so much SENSE and really helped me to understand my husband better when I read it 2+ years ago…and I also helped me to understand why he doesn’t understand ME sometimes. I highly recommend it to anyone in a relationship (or who wants to be in a relationship someday!).


  1. Have you seen the movie The Jane Austen Book Club? I didn't want to see it at first but when I finally saw it, I really liked it. Anyway, there's a part in it where a husband finally breaks down and reads the book his wife has been trying to get him to read and it makes me cry every time! So romantic

  2. This photo makes me really happy to look at. That pink tablecloth, those flowers, that dress, those two people in love…it just brings back all these memories of those wonderful Colorado days in July, 2008! What a fine wedding you had!xxlove youMom

  3. I've heard about the book, understand the concept behind the book and even just that little bit makes me understand that even though The Boy shows his affection by hanging my curtains, it doesn't mean his love for me is any less deep than mine for him. It does have many very valuable lessons.

  4. I have heard wonderful things about that book but haven't read it yet. I might just have to go to the library to get it! 🙂

  5. I've heard great things about that book, we got it as a wedding gift and started reading it together but never really got into the "meat" of the book…one day, we'll finish it!

  6. Beautiful picture from the biggest moment! It is funny how you realize that all the planning, ceremony, reception, it all boils down to this one real moment, your signature on that piece of paper. My favorite "marriage" book is "Chocolate Chile Pepper Love" although now I will have to check out your recommendation.

  7. Interesting book. GREAT picture!!

  8. I have never heard of that book, so I just looked it up. I don't need to read it, I know the answer already: my husband needs "Words of Affirmation" (which irritates the crap out of me) and I need "Acts of Service" (which totally blows for him). HA!

  9. I love this book. My best friends dad suggested it to us a a marital/family pyschologist. And now you can use it for your child, and get to know his/her love languages. 🙂

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