Day 20 – Photo of something I ate and views on drugs/alcohol

Day 20a photo of something you ate today.

This was my husband’s plate last night, but it’s also a sampling of what I ate for breakfast today.
Thanks to MIL, we have enough leftovers in our fridge to eat for days!

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.
This is a complex issue. I live in an area of our country where a lot of people smoke we.ed. We’re only behind Cali in the amount of legalization our state has done of mari.juana … I know lots of growers and distributors and smokers… and most of the people in this town are completely pro-we.ed. Me, I dunno, not so much. I’ve tried it a handful of times (literally could count on one hand the number of times) but I never liked it. The first time was my senior year of college, the last time was my 24th birthday (almost 5 years ago), and I have no intention of ever “using” again. That being said, I go back and forth on it, b/c if it was legal, it could be taxed like cigarettes and alcohol, and I think that’s a good thing. Basically, I have a lot of friends that are stoners, but my closest friends aren’t, and as long as my husband isn’t and I’m not, that’s all I really care about. That being said, I also have some friends who started out as stoners and “graduated” to coc.aine and and it has ruined their lives. They’re dangerous, unnatural drugs and important to avoid. IMHO, if you’re going to “do dr.ugs,” stick to something natural like boo.mers! 🙂

As for alcohol… this is a touchy one for me lately. Normally I love a good drink and relaxing after a long day at work with a cold beer is pretty standard. However, lately I’ve been turning to alcohol too often, and I think sometimes if you’re feeling too emotional about life in general, it’s best to just avoid things like alcohol. Like Bradshaw said in her post about this topic, everything in moderation…

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