6 Years

Last night I was sitting at work and checked my watch and it said 8:30pm.

Flash back six years ago… December 1st, 2004, 8:30pm… I was rolling into town, scared and excited and fairly delirious after driving 1,100 miles (including through a white-out blizzard on Vail Pass), wondering what in the hell I was doing… but I was doing it. I had packed up my car and moved from here:

…to here:

There are still days that I can’t believe I’ve been here for six years. Days I miss my Minnesotan friends and family and home so bad I could cry. But I know I’m blessed to live where I do now…to have the friends and family I have here right now. Life doesn’t always go the way we’ve planned, but that’s the beauty of it I guess!


  1. It is a pretty beautiful ride, isn't it?

  2. Gorgeous photos!

  3. Are you in Colorado?! I am!

  4. Is that your actually property in Missesota? It's gorgeous!

  5. @Krista – yep, southwest Colorado. Where are you?@Kelly – that's my parent's house in MN where I spent my entire life (save college) until I moved to CO when I was 22!

  6. Bleh your picture of MN is so drab and boring. Just kidding! What a beautiful place. I am kind of biased towards Colorado, but if I had to move away, I would totally try to steal that place from your parents. hahaha. It is hard sometimes to realize how little control we actually have over what life will bring. But you're right, if we all knew exactly what was ahead there would be no point.

  7. Josey- I am in the Denver metro area. It always fun to "meet" others in Colorado! We moved out here from California almost 6 years ago (will be 6 years this month!)

  8. I don't know the story behind your move, but I think you are very courageous for doing it! Both homes look beautiful though!

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