A Lonely 2ww…

In about an hour, I’m bringing C up to the airport and he’s off to AZ for eight days. A good friend of his from high school is losing his place (sad deal), so C is going to help him pack…and probably play a couple rounds of golf and drink a few dozen beers together. 🙂 I’m happy he’s finally taking a little vacation for himself, but I’m sure going to miss him. This is the longest trip he’s taken in the nearly six years we’ve been together!

Our buddy is divorced and has a 5 year old son, and he’s going to be moving up to Washington State to be closer to his ex (and his kid, since he’s in school now and can’t just travel down to AZ to see him). This is C and the boy at our wedding 2 1/2 years ago. Such a cutie. 🙂


  1. I was in the same boat last week. I hate being by myself at night! Feel free to email if you need a pep talk.

  2. I hope your Dh has a safe trip!! I hate when my dh is gone but then it's nice missing him a little too

  3. Hope your hubs has a good time, tell him to drink a couple beers for me!

  4. 2ww? What? Okay I am not excited for you to be spending it alone, but my fingers are crossed for you!

  5. I'd come hang out with you if we were closer! Sounds like some good girl time!

  6. I'm in the 2ww right with you! ugh 🙁 I hope he has a good trip. love ya!

  7. My husband left for 11 days last year, when I was also in the 2ww, and it was rough. I hope it goes by quickly for you. Sad story about your friend, too :(.

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