Christmas Cards from Shutterfly!

Whohoo!!! It’s that time of year again – Christmas cards! Ever since childhood, I’ve loved this time of year. Being the oldest of five kids, Mom had a built in assembly line, so when it was time to send out Christmas cards, one person would have the job of folding the letter, one would stuff the picture, one would address the envelope, one would put on the stamp, one would seal and stack…you get the picture. It worked well. 🙂
This year I was considering not even doing Christmas Cards, but I’ve seen other bloggers showing off the awesome designs that Shutterfly has, so I’ve reconsidered!
At first I thought something simple was best, and I liked the religious reference:
Then I tried again in vertical format… I like the “HOPE” part (even though most don’t know about our IF struggles)
But because I’m such a picture freak, I finally decided to go with one that shows a little snapshot of our last year together:
I think it’s perfect!! Check out Shutterfly today for more great products like their photo cards and gift mugs.
If you want to get 50 free photo cards, check out Shutterfly today!!


  1. These are gorgeous–you've inspired me to make some!

  2. Love them!!

  3. Love them all! Enjoy!

  4. Very cute! I checked out your chart and it looks awesome so far!!! Praying you get to surprise your hubby with a BFP when he returns!!! How awesome would that be?!

  5. So cute! I love all the pics you included.

  6. LOVE the card! I am going to have to check them out, so many bloggers are talking about this site.

  7. love the cards!!

  8. Hahaha. I am totally a picture freak too. But our christmas cards usually end up being one picture of us and like seven of the dogs.

  9. Very cute final product! I would love to get a card from someone with multiple pictures on it. Most of the ones we get just have one.

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