Redneck Adventures

So I promised Natalie @ I was told there would be pajamas that I would blog about my truly redneck Sunday that I had last weekend, so here goes.

(This is a long post with graphic, blurry cellphone pictures halfway through – don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Last Sunday started off very nicely – it was my friend M’s birthday, and she and her husband (Cowboy) picked me up and we went out to a nice brunch at a fancy little restaurant in the next town over that serves delicious Sunday brunches for incredibly cheap (that all include mimosas!).

My favorite meal there (which includes mimosas and coffee):
Two poachers atop spinach pate, artichoke hearts, and English muffins, served with Hollandaise sauce.

Tasteful, elegant, and great presentation – all for under $15. A nice way to start off a birthday celebration!

Then we headed back to town, picked up our buddy “SkiBum.” and continued out to their house to drink beer and watch football for the rest of the day.
Side note – M & Cowboy were the ones I wrote about in September
who just got married on that beautiful ranch! 

They have 3 dogs (two pictured above on left). My dog is on the right. They had a fun play date day together. 🙂

Anyway, SkiBum was telling Cowboy about how the night before on the way home from work, he and his wife saw the vehicle ahead of them hit a big buck who limped off the road. They pulled over, but nobody had a gun to take care of it, but the people said they had called the Sheriff and he was on his way, so they headed home.

After hearing this story, Cowboy wants to go check out the buck (which was hit just a mile or so from their house)…well, the guys come flying back in the house just minutes later because the poor thing was still alive. Awful. Just awful. We call the local police (nobody answered – typical), then called dispatch in a town about 30 minutes away, and a few more minutes later, a deputy finally called us back and basically said, “well, can you take care of it – and do you want the meat?”

Um, I guess so?

Cowboy, checking to make sure his shot was dead on.
Basically, an excuse to shoot his gun at empty beer cans. 🙂

We figured the meat wouldn’t be very good anyway after all the stress that animal had been under for 24 hours, not to mention the bruising on his back end from being hit, but we didn’t want the poor thing to suffer, so the boys headed back out to put it out of its misery at least. It took four shots to the head to finally kill it, and when they started skinning it, they realized a Sheriff really HAD come out the night before to shoot it, but the idiot shot it in the neck so it didn’t die. UGH. I hate incompetence.

They had just gotten to the part where it had internal bleeding & bruising where he was hit.

The guys sent us into town for “freezer paper and freezer tape,” which I am sad to admit we didn’t believe existed… but then realized it did… in a box that honest-to-God says “freezer paper” on it. Who knew?

Anyway, we returned with the supplies, and the guys salvaged the front shoulders I believe. I’m not sure – I definitely don’t know my cuts of meat very well. Even though I live in the middle of nowhere, I have honestly never seen an animal skinned… and well, I still haven’t really. We left after about 90 seconds to head back to the house and keep drinking while the boys worked in the cold. 🙂

M accidentally lassoed herself on the walk out – LOL! You can see their house in the far background.

About this time, SkiBum’s wife showed up (she had just gotten off of work), so we sat in the house by the fire, drinking beer and watching football, while the boys skinned roadkill and made the birthday dinner.

It was a good day. 🙂


  1. OMG I don't even know what I'm looking at in the picture where it's handing…but gross! This is totally something JJ would do – glad you all were able to help the poor thing.

  2. That is awesome 🙂 When Mr. A got a deer in 2008, he skinned it in our garage 😉 Ah, the memories!!!

  3. Yep. I definitely could have written this post. 🙂

  4. Totally sounds like something my DH would do! He loves the backstraps of the deer. I've watched them skin and hide and butcher (and help) deer…its actually kind of interesting if you can get over the goriness of it all!

  5. Nothing says it's Saturday night like a little roadkill stew. 🙂 This post is hilarious!!

  6. Speechless.Still speechless.Ok. So you went from poached eggs with artichokes and spinach to road kill all in the same day. You win.

  7. I honestly didn't know people still hunted until I got to college. I thought it was just an olden days thing, like something they only did on the Oregon Trail. 🙂

  8. My husband–the Montanan now living in California–would have loved to be in on that, just to remind him that the hunter is still in him somewhere :). And that version of eggs benedict sounds amazing.

  9. You left out the scratch tickets. How did those fit in. hahaha. A friend of ours brought a deer over when we lived in the farm house in NY. We had a utility type basement that opened to the outside, so he strung the deer up and cut it down in our basement. I had to go see it because I was too curious not too. Definitely not as gory as I expected, but I felt nice and redneck with a deer hung in my basement.

  10. @Natalie – HAHA, we bought the scratch offs on our trip to town to get the Freezer paper. Had to hid it from my friend's husband though b/c he's anti-scratchoffs. It's the first time I've bought a scratch off in probably 10 years!

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