Up In Flames

Round one of the cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeño pepper appetizers for the holiday party tonight… officially trashed.
Smoke detectors in new house…officially work.

Damn broiler… 


  1. Can I assume a lot of "shits" and "Fu***" flew when you saw this?? That sucks!

  2. I hate the broiler! When I make my jalepeno poppers, I just bake them at like 350 until the bacon is done.

  3. Oops. They sound good though! 🙂

  4. Uhhh that appetizer sounds amazing.

  5. I'm scared-to-death of broiling. I just feel like I'm not attentive enough to really achieve greatness with that heat source.

  6. that blows and is totally something I would do.

  7. Don't tell Bradshaw that you sacrificed that bacon.

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