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So I've spent hours and hours cleaning house at my parents because I have boxes and boxes of things in their basement. What do you do with things like these breakable collectibles?! My Godmother has been giving them to me for years and I have a sentimental attachment to them…but I don't really have a place in my life for them now.
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  1. Maybe a glass encased shadow box in a hallway?

  2. I would say either take pictures of them and donate/sell them to someone who will really love (and use) them. My hoarder instinct is to say that you should wrap them carefully and store them in a box for potential future children (or siblings who realize they want them or for yourself in 20 years or something), but having recently helped to go through my grandmother's things, I know that a lot of times, the sentimental attachment dissipates over time and you realize it's just more "stuff" that you have accumulated.Not saying this is the case, but if you don't feel like you woud be really sad without them in your life, maybe it's time to photograph, remember, and pass the goodwill along to someone else.It's hard, but I am trying to learn to be less sentimental about keeping EVERYTHING. Some things, yes, but if they are causing me more grief (hard to keep clean or takes up too much space etc) I think it's not the best memory to be attaching to the item anyway. Does that make sense? Too harsh?

  3. @Kim – not too harsh, no. πŸ™‚ I've thrown GADS of stuff away – I'd say 75% of what I had stored here is now in the trash or in the second hand store pile. The problem(?) with these collectibles is that on the botton in marker they all have my name and the date (christmas or bday or whatever) that my Godmother gave them to me on… is that too personal to give to second hand?

  4. Oh dear, that would make it even harder for me to give away! I don't think it's too personal though. I always think it's fun to find a used book at a bookstore that has an inscription or date written in it – perhaps it's my intrinsic need to snoop into other people's lives (hello, love of blog-reading), but it's kind of a fun little mystery. And if you were, say, to package them all nicely in a box with a note that tells a little bit about them and give them to a Children's Hospital or Foster care place or eBay seller or something (presuming that they wouldn't just be going to a place where they'd get all broken)? I think that would be really lovely for some little girl. There's something truly special about letting toys, collectibles, etc. find a new life.

  5. UGH! I'm a keeper of things too. DH helped me out when he moved in trying to find room for his stuff. He'd ask me, "Babe, are you really going to read that box of notes from 8th grade…EVER?" Okay…good point! Good luck with whatever you do.

  6. I'm a tosser. What can I say, I'm a cold-hearted beotch. I kept one box of keepsakes when I moved last time. I say keep one box or storage tote and that's it. If they don't fit or there's other things that are more important then if they're worth anything, sell 'em on eBay. Find out if you know anyone that collects them and if its no on all fronts – goodwill'em. See? Cold. But clean!

  7. I'm a keeper, but once in a while I go nuts and throw tons of things out. It drives Gregg crazy πŸ˜‰ Maybe choose a few of your favorites, take pictures of the rest, and give them away? Regardless of what's written on the bottom, I'm sure someone would appreciate them. But at the same time I understand..hard decision!

  8. I'm a tosser, too. I hate clutter and will hold on to things for awhile, but eventually trinkets gots to go. I get the attachment though. Here's how I sort through things. Have I used this in the past year? Have I even thought about this in the 2 years? If not – I get rid of it and honestly, even things that were important at one time – I haven't missed at all. Memories are enough for me and if not, a picture is great too. πŸ™‚

  9. I should add that I watch a lot of hoarding shows and therefore probably toss TOO MUCH stuff. πŸ™‚

  10. It's so hard to know what to do with this kind of stuff. Having said that, my old Porcelain dolls that I was once saving for my daughter (yeah…I don't see her either), met a tragic end recently. I had finally had enough of having them stare me down (even from the attic) and got rid of them. It was kind of a relief actually and truthfully I don't even realize they're gone. I see a similiar end to my Precious Moments that I've been given over the years. Brutal! Nothing wrong with packing them back up and holding on to them a little longer though.

  11. I am definitely into purging. If there isn't a place in your life for them now, there probably won't be in the future. Then again, I have a 2' tall porcelain Shirley Temple Doll in a box in my basement that my grandma gave me and I have no idea how to approach that one. I figure I will hold onto it until we find out if we are having a girl. If Nugget 2 is a boy then all that stuff has to go.

  12. I have items like that – I don't want to get rid of them but I really don't "want" them either. Let me know what you figure out!

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