Big *SS beers!

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  1. Wow, it's the size of his head!

  2. Nice work!

  3. I have a couple comments for you. First of all, you do know it's ok to say ass, right? I think it's cute that you censored that one. Secondly, I'm wondering why you chose to put ass in all caps, rather than big. Or both words. Are you implying that those beers will have an affect on your ASS? Or were you trying to utilize the "bigass" adjective as one word to describe size of the lagers themselves. Or were you making a comment about the BIG, having nothing to do with the ass? Though really, everything should have to do with the ass….which sounds really dirty. Alas, I digress.What I mean to say is, I had beers this size at the last Boozefest, where I was (while schnuckered) able to distinguish between Coors and Budweiser by sight and taste. It's a fancy party trick.

  4. Nice!!!

  5. My name is Desiree and I approve this image.

  6. Torture.

  7. @Bradshaw – LOL, I didn't actually mean to right *SS – that's from posting from my BB while drunk. :)PS, who CAN'T distinguish between Coors and Budweiser by sight and taste? Amateurs. They were 32 oz beers… we drank WAY too many of them with my Mom & Dad & sister last night (her boyfriend has a karaoke business that we were out supporting). Too much fun. The night ended at 1:30am with a group rendition of Piano Man. 🙂

  8. Those look delicious!Might have to go get one myself!

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