An IF Update, Among Other Things

Hey folks!

I know I haven’t been talking much about TTC on here lately, but since we’ve been in MN for the past couple of weeks, my updates have pretty much been from my phone. I just got my computer back (added a ton of RAM and space – THANK GOODNESS, it’s so much faster)… so I figured it was time for a quick update.

After quite a bit of research on other Colorado TTCers blogs, I think I’ve come to a decision about the RE.

(1) Last week I called the University of Colorado and moved the initial consult with them from the 7th to the 13th to give us more time here in MN. At this point, I think we’re going to head back to CO early next week (for those of you counting, yes, that means we were gone for almost 3 weeks – crazy!). In the meantime, I’ve been contacting both UofC and CCRM to get some quotes on costs of things (since this is all out of pocket). CCRM has been great about sending cost breakdowns – UofC, not so much. ALSO, when I talked to a physician at UofC, she told me the initial consult was going to cost me $500-700, just to talk to the RE. Ugh. On the upside, they have discounts of 30-50% of OOP payers, BUT they won’t give me the cost of things until I’m there at the consult, so I can’t put a number how much that would save us. *sigh*

(2) After researching, I’m realizing that CCRM is one of the very best clinics in the country for ART. Across the board, people on message boards say it was worth slightly higher costs because their results are so great. That’s huge – hopefully we can just do IUI and get a BFP that way, but even that will cost us thousands OOP…and if it progresses to IVF, I don’t see us financially being able to try more than once. At this point, money is a huge issues thanks to unemployment (UGH), but we’ll find a way to do IVF once if that’s what it takes.

Anyway, CCRM gets such great reviews and their initial consults are only $235-$255, so at this point, I’ve pretty much decided to only do a phone consult with CCRM on the 26th, and then hopefully in that next week after that we can go in to get all of our initial testing done (CCRM does a full day of testings/workups – even if you had tests done at your old office). DH is most likely leaving for ND on the 1st of February to work in the oil rigs for awhile, so time is of the utmost importance right now. He’ll be working 28 days on, 14 days off. It’s going to drive me nuts to be apart from him for so long, plus the chances of me ovulating while he’s out of town are pretty much guaranteed based on where I’m at right now (CD27 – probably 2dpo)…so that blows, but we’re doing what we need to do to pay the bills during this shitty economy.

Phew, sorry, didn’t mean to turn Debbie Downer there.

So yeah, on Sunday I think we’ll drive the first couple of hours to Sioux Falls, SD and spend the night with some friends there. Then Monday we’ll drive about 11 hrs to Denver and stay with my cousin and her husband there for a couple of days (Natalie – we need to meet up! Maybe lunch on Tuesday?). Wednesday we’ll drive another 5-6 hours to home. Home sweet home. We’ll have been gone exactly three weeks on Wednesday – craziness! Exactly two weeks after that is our phone consult on the 26th, and six days after that C will leave for ND.

I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months bring us. It will be hard to have C gone, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Thanks for all of your recommendations for choosing an RE – this is a crazy new land we’re stepping into, but after 18 months of TTC and zero evidence that I can even get pregnant, it’s time.

For those who are interested, here is what CCRM sent me as a breakdown of costs…

– complete breakdown of costs (b/w, u/s, IVF, IUI, sperm washing, HSG, lap)
– HSG is $500 if done at SkyRidge Hospital
The b/w costs vary depending on what b/w they are doing. 
The 3D baseline u/s with Doppler scan is $600, any cyst check or follicle check u/s leading up to IUI are $170 each.  If an u/s is done at the time of the IUI it is $170. 
The insemination is $125 and the Sperm washing is $250. 
The IVF cycle would be $12,340, anesthesia for egg retrieval is $430 and medications range from $3500 – $6500.  If the doctor recommends doing ICSI with the cycle that is an additional $2600.  Also, if you have embryos that we are able to freeze for future use, the freezing fee is $975.
– does the cost of IUI or IVF include monitoring? (b/w and u/s) – we do not have a package price for IUI, so you will pay as you go.  Anytime you come into the office for b/w or u/s you will pay out of pocket.  The IVF package does include any monitoring that you do in Denver.  If you do any u/s or b/w outside of CCRM you will have to pay that clinic for the testing.
– how closely are you monitored during treatment cycles? – you are monitored very closely.  Your nurse will explain all this to you.
– are you willing to start treatment right away, or will they require me to go through diagnostic testing first? – you will have to do some testing prior to starting a cycle.  Your doctor/nurse will let you know what testing is needed and when you would be able to start the IVF or IUI cycle.
– is there any possibility of satellite monitoring? Is there an u/s clinic closer to me who we could work with? (I live 300 miles away). Same with b/w. Would you be willing to work with a doctor’s office close to me as opposed to me having to drive 5+ hours each time? – you can do some monitoring at home.  Your nurse will explain all this to you and when you would be expected to come to Denver to finish out your monitoring.


  1. CCRM sounds like a great way to go. There's no reason to think it won't be a really simple answer for you two. And wow, 28 days without the husband is going to be rough, I'm sure. But I'm guessing you'll get used to it and it won't be quite as bad after a week or two–at least that's what seems to happen for others I know who have had to deal with extended separation time in their marriage.

  2. I've heard of CCRM on a lot of other women's blogs. They sound like they are on the ball as far as pricing and what they have to offer which is great to know up front.It makes sense that they wouldn't have a 'package' for IUI's because it depends what meds you're on and how your body reacts to them. At my last RE they insisted on a cd 14 u/s that didn't show "much" but I ended up ovulating on my own by cd 20. My refusal to do several more u/s's was because I've done a few IUI's before. bah.Anyway, good luck with the RE's!! And drive safely 🙂

  3. Man, it just really stinks this is all OOP for you guys. I wish it wasn't going to put you out so much to get pregnant. I am still really hoping that this cycle is the one and you caught that little egg. I can't wait to meet you for lunch!

  4. I wish there were scholarships or 'grants' IVFers and IUIers could apply for…wouldn't that just help SO much!?? I hope you find what you need to become pregnant…my fingers are crossed for you!

  5. It sounds as though you are confident in your choice with CCRM. It is no fun to pay out of pocket (I know how that goes) but knowing you will be getting awesome care makes it worth it. Sorry to hear that you and your hubby will be apart for so long. Hoping you have a fun road trip home! 🙂

  6. I'm so glad you've got a "plan". That makes things feel so much easier, doesn't it? I've no doubt that 2011 is your year. Go get 'em, Tiger.

  7. Sounds like a plan! All the prices sound reasonable except the HSG – that is WAY cheaper than what mine was!

  8. I'm so glad you've been able to find women to give you first-hand advice..that really does make all the difference. I completely agree with your decision. This is so exciting! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Love you!

  9. Hey – I wanted to let you know that my doctor's phone consult was FREE. Not sure if its b/c I am out of state? or commmitted to going thru w/ IVF>…. but thought I would share in case you want to ask. (Just don't mention me ;P

  10. @Let There Be Sims – a free consult??! That's crazy! I'll definitely mention it to the business office…

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