Finally an answer…

Be careful what you wish for, right?

I haven't gotten into it much on here because of the whole "Dooce" aspect, but when I quit my previous Office Manager job at the end of September (VERY happily), I took a job working nights bartending at a local restaurant here in town. It was a full time gig that brought in good cash and still allowed me to work on real estate by day since I'm a licensed Realtor.

At any rate, all was good for the first two months, but then the owner decided to close up shop for the holidays in order to spend time with her grandkids. Bad business decision, but it allowed us to take this extended vacation with our family in MN, so it wasn't all bad.

However, she has not returned my phone calls in weeks (VERY frustrating), and a reopening on January 2nd obviously didn't happen. Just now I finally got ahold of her and she is thinking it'll be MAY before she reopens. Are you kidding me?!

Basically, I'm looking for another new job stat and my hubby is definitely headed to ND on Feb 1st to work on the oil rigs for awhile.

There are definitely worse things in the world than this, but I hate being stressed about money and distance at the same time as we begin the ART journey. ๐Ÿ™

FYI, I changed my initial consult with CCRM on the 26th to a phone consult, and we'll hopefully be doing the CD3 bloodwork and CD 5-13 full workup during the two weeks C is back in March. Praying my cycle cooperates!!

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  1. I'm sorry that your boss didn't call you back sooner to let you know about the later opening day. That's crap!WOOT for the consult with CCRM!!! Hope is on the horizon ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. WHAT?? Did she give a reason? That definitely won't be good for business. How are things going with real estate? Is it something you could do full-time? Are there admin/assistant/office manager positions you could work? (different company though obviously)Good call on the phone consult, that makes way more sense.

  3. That is freaking ridiculous and extremely rude on your bosses part. I mean, were they even going to call and let you know?? I hope you find something else even better super quick! Hang in there girlieGood news on the phone consult. I'll say a little prayer to the cycle gods that yours cooperates.

  4. Timing sucks when it isn't on your side. Sorry you're down but what a nice break! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. May? What kind of business-person does that. I am assuming someone who is retired and doesn't need the income. Hope you find something soon and that things work out in March. I am sorry all this is happening at once.

  6. WTF!?!? How do you run a business like that?? That's a quick way to lose all your money!Good luck finding a new job and I hope your consult goes well!

  7. That's some effed up shiz, yo. Who shuts down their business for that long in an area that is known for being a WINTER destination. Idiot. Be done with her and move on!

  8. I guess the woman must not need the money? Or else she's just lazy. But that really sucks–I hope you can find something else really quickly!

  9. Wow, lame on her part. Sorry you have had to deal with a boss that obviously is not motivated to keep her business running. Not fun for her employees though to have to search for new jobs. Praying with you that this cycle cooperates for you!

  10. How in the world can she make the restaurant a success when it's closed half the year? Craziness! I can't wait to hear about your consult and what your game plan will be!

  11. wow, that STINKS about the job!!! looking forward to the results of the consult ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Praying you find 'the' job that is meant to be. Be open and it will come to you. I've been in the same position- don't feel you have to 'settle' for some odd job that may make you miserable. Have fun seeing what's out there!I also pray you get pregnant this year! I am glad you are pursuing treatments. I think this will be a healthy thing for you.

  13. Wow – that SUCKS and I'm so sorry to hear your boss is a total jerk about it. Who waits that long to inform their loyal employees they should look for work elsewhere? I hope that another door opens for you that provides bigger & better options for you.

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