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Thanks to Amanda who send me the link, I spent the last few hours reading through My CC.RM IVF Journey. “Auntie Em” is currently pupo (6dp5dt) after cycling at CC.RM, and her blog is a wealth of knowledge about CC.RM and Dr. Sur.rey. She documented protocols, clinic photos, costs, everything. She also has links to others who are cycling at CC.RM – this is hugely exciting to me to connect with others who will be working with the same billing departments, nurses, doctors, etc. 

I know that we don’t yet know what Dr. Sur.rey’s plan for us will be (IUI/IVF/something totally different?), but it’s great to have more information about what we’re in for. Here’s a few links to posts I saved for later… 

Costs upwards of $4k if not covered by insurance, which is it not for us. UGH. That reminds me though, I need to call them and see if there is any way I can finagle any coverage for the diagnostic stuff. the ODWU link also includes a cost breakdown for 2010 IVF at CC.RM (I’m sure it’s higher for 2011 *sigh*). 

To anyone with diagnostic coverage who is planning your ODWU: I suggest that if you have coverage for diagnostic testing, make sure that BOTH CC.RM and the Fertility Laboratories of Colorado are in-network providers! Learn from our mistake!

To anyone planning to attend the ODWU: If you are not interested in genetic testing, ask to WAIVE the genetic counseling session. Just tell them you are not interested in attending. They do not take ANY insurance, so you will be expected to pay $150 if you attend.

Moral of the story: If you encounter issues with the personnel in the business office, you might want to ask to be transferred to the account manager. This person is extremely kind and wasted no time in getting both situations resolved for us! Also, any time you are billed by the business office, I highly recommend calling your insurance company to verify that you were charged appropriately. As you can see from our situation, they do make mistakes (sometimes to the tune of $250!).


  1. Girl, my head is all a-spin after reading through that stuff. I have no idea how you are getting it all figured out, but I sincerely hope that CCRM has all the answers for you. I know you will get that BFP. It's coming and you've been so good at staying positive and trekking forward.

  2. Seriously, a clinic like CCRM clearly doesn't need your money. I really hope they can cut you a few financial breaks!

  3. It is always so nice to learn from someone who has already paved the way. I am glad you are connected now with someone that has experience with your new doctor's office/doctor. One of the hard parts about infertility is entering into the unknown with meds, procedures, etc. The blogging community is so helpful with that…why not learn from each other! 🙂

  4. Great to have such good information from the actual clinic you are going to!

  5. That's a LOT of insurance/doctor CRAP to sort through, now, isn't it?? Gosh, I don't know how we do it. By the grace of God. Go you for not letting it stop you!~Jess

  6. That is freaking awesome info…so glad you have it. What the hell did we do before the web??

  7. I just saw this post too! I'm glad those posts will help you; that was my original goal. I hope they can cut you some financial breaks–it is depressing to see your $$$ going toward this, but hopefully there will be a reward at the end!

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