Thank God for Reruns

*Warning – I’ve realized while looking through the gazillion pictures in this post that my bedroom is horridly under-decorated. Apparently I got tired of hanging pictures and such after I decorated the main floor of our house when we bought it last spring. Oops! I’ll just call the bedroom simplistic ‘zen’ or something. 😉
Anyway, I just wanted to tell y’all that I figured out the key to me getting fit. Back in November ’09 (when I first started this blog!) I was wanting to get fit and get pregnant. So far I suck at both. 
Ha. Ha.
However, I started working out and counting calories, and later that month I bought an elliptical machine for our house. Including shipping and warranty and whatnot, I think we got it for just under $1,000. A lot of money, for sure, but the gym membership in my little town is expensive as hell and doesn’t include the cost of any classes, so it will basically pay for itself in two years (not to mention it’s at my house, so I’m much more likely to use it).
We were renting a tiny house back then, so we just shoved the dining room table into the corner and voila, there was space for the elliptical. 🙂 Looked pretty goofy, but I used it all the time b/c I had to walk past it every day.
Thanks to portion control and exercise, I was down 20# by June 2010 and feeling pretty darn good about my chances of losing the last 10#!
When we moved into the new house we bought, the loft area in our upstairs became our office area/workout room. The original plan was to get a little TV and mount it on the wall so I could watch it while I worked out. That cost has gotten pushed WAY down the priority list, so last weekend (after gaining 15# of the 20# back), I finally drug the elliptical into our bedroom!
It’s not the most ideal situation, BUT, now I have a TV (and DVR) to watch, and since I’m currently addicted to watching the daily 2hr Grey’s reruns, this works out nicely. Instead of sitting on my couch for 90 minutes every day, I’m now burning calories!*
I wish I could have afforded a Precor, but this one is still pretty nice – adjustable incline and everything!
However, since this is obviously my side of the best (yay for BBT)…
That means this is his side. Um, yeah, not much space, BUT, it’s for the greater good, you know? 😉
We do have some space to move the bed over, but it’s kind of fun to watch him suffer in silence, since he’s just happy that I’m working out and feeling better about myself again. 🙂
I’m going to keep working out and eating better through the end of this month and then weigh in on Feb. 1st and set some goals for myself. It was depressing to realize on January 1st that I had gained back 15# of the 20# I lost last spring, but I know I can do this! It’s going to suck having my husband working out of town, BUT, it’s actually easier for me to eat healthy when I’m only cooking for myself and buying groceries for myself. I would love to get down to my goal weight before getting pregnant, though I would obviously take a BFP yesterday if I could. Hopefully losing some weight will better optimize my chances for pregnancy as well!

*Yes, I know our satellite dish is on a folding table instead of a proper entertainment center or dresser…it’s another one of those items that we just haven’t gotten around to buying yet. Someday we’ll get this house furnished. 🙂


  1. Oh the infertile's nightstand – such a staple item, the thermometer. And I love that you said it's fun to watch him suffer in silence. I'd do the same thing! I'm proud of you for making the change! We had an elliptical for a while in our basement and it was never used so we finally sold it.

  2. You got this! And I think you look hot no matter what!

  3. Considering our gym membership has been on "hold" since last April, it might be time for me to step up and bring something into the house as well as I'm doing a really good job of avoiding working out in 2010 and 2011 so far. Yikes! I'm impressed with you!

  4. Awesome set-up Josey! Like I said, I'm the same way when it comes to working out. TV is an absolute essential. This will be a great move for you. (literally, haha)I LOVE the wall color in your bedroom. Ours is still white, but I'm starting to look into cheap ways to decorate. It should be a fun (distracting) project…See you on mfp 😉

  5. Woot woot!! Good idea moving it to your bedroom! I know for me that if it's out of sight…or if it less enjoyable than it could be.. i won't bother.

  6. Get it girl.

  7. I am a big fan of having a work-out machine in the house. When we lived in California I bought a cheap elliptical, but it was so cheesy that I barely ever used it. I sold it before we moved to NY and we went all out after we moved and bought a really expensive Precor Arc Trainer. That was definitely what it took to get me to start working out more. As much as it messes with the architectural aesthetics of my house, I put it in our living room so I could watch TV and work-out. It is definitely going to be the key to me getting back into shape. We can make it a team effort!

  8. Good for you for being proactive and getting to it. You know I need me some tv if I'm expected to excercise. I keep telling myself "If I can just get through the next set of commercials I can stop", and then it's, "If I can just get through the next scene I can stop." Keep it up!

  9. I think we should do a study on which side of the bed guys sleep on. I'm always on the right side. Do women always like being on the left? This should be done with research and science. I will contribute $1 to the research fund.

  10. Wait wait. Right side of the bed while looking at it from the foot of the bed? Or right side of the bed as you're laying in the bed? Because those are different.I'm left side of the bed while LOOKING at the bed.

  11. You go, girl! I love your enthusiasm and you might just motivate me to get back on the right track as well! It is smart to have the machine right in your face to remind you to use it. Gym memberships are way too expensive!

  12. Your husband's a champ for suffering in silence :). And I think I have the same alarm clock that you do. It looks very familiar. Mine is ancient (from 8th grade or something), but it still works!

  13. Charlie and I sleep on different sides depending on what room we're in (home, parents, hotel, etc)… weird! He cares, I and don't, so whatever side he's not on, I crawl into. :)@Ceejay – I totally got that alarm clock in the early 90s. I'm sure it's the same one you have from that era. 🙂

  14. You have motivated my to get my butt back on my treadmill! Bring on the inspiration, cuz' I sure need it!

  15. Josey, I just finished reading your blog from beginning to end and YOU have inspired me. I have quite a bit of poundage to lose — way more than you — and I SO inspired by your regimented planning and tracking. THANK YOU for all your amazing tips, links to recipes, references to other inspiring blogs, etc. BTW, I gave you a shout-out on my blog

  16. I am behind you 100% if you need help with motivation just let me know. And an easy great way to get your veggies is a stir fry, and you can reheat it all week that way you have a healthy go to so you wont fill up on crap food.

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