PIO or suppositories?

I'm in a law class right now and need to call my local nurse back about which prescription to call in – the 3x/day suppositories or the progesterone in oil one time shot. Opinions? Differences? I have no idea and ill need to call the clinic back on my next 5 min break one hour from now b/c if I do the pills I want to start today or tomorrow. Help! Thx!
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  1. Oooh Jesus, I've heard ridiculously painful things about the PIO. It's a giant shot that goes in your butt!The suppositories are like the Monistat applicators and while they're messy (chunks fall out when you pee – I'm just sayin) I'll take that over a shot in the butt any day.Also, progesterone is what gives your the early pregnancy symptoms like headaches, nausea and dizziness so just be aware of that. I had no symptoms until I started the suppositories and then all of a sudden I was carsick and rolling over in bed made me dizzy. And then I stopped after 10 weeks and all my symptoms disappeared. It was so abrupt, I thought I had miscarried again but it was the progesterone.Longest comment ever and I'm biased because you know how I feel about shots but I just wanted to tell you what I know.Good luck!

  2. I prefer PIO over suppositories. I think it's easier to do one injection/day as opposed to having to stick a pill up your hoo-ha every 4-5 hours. The needle is huge, and it does go into your hip, but the injection itself doesn't hurt any more than any other injectable, IMO. My DH has become a total pro at giving me the injection every morning at 7am, and I don't even feel it. Plus PIO is more easily detected in your bloodstream, so your blood test results tend to be higher (they expect it to be >20 instead of >5 with supps). For some reason it gives me greater reassurance to hear that higher number. PLUS, suppositories can irritate your cervix (causing spotting), whereas PIO doesn't do anything to cause spotting/bleeding. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

  3. I'd choose the pills. It's like a nap in a pill…It is messy and gross but I'm over shots and I've heard they hurt

  4. I know I'm too late, but the suppositories are a pain in the ass!! If you are spending a lot of time at home though and don't have to get up early, it may not be so bad. But I hate them! I don't know anything about the PIO.

  5. To clarify, the progesterone is going to be for 7_10 days and then stopped to induce a WITHDRAWL bleed so I can start all my bloodwork, etc. Nothing to do with supporting a pregnancy at this point…

  6. I don't know if cost matters, but I bet the suppositories are way cheaper. I think a prescription of about 3 cycles' worth cost me around $10. It is a pain to have to put them in three times a day, but it's only for 7-10 days.

  7. I did the PIO shots and they were not that bad. You do them everyday at the same time in either the butt or the thigh. I got mine in the butt. Again, they were not that bad. Yes, your butt will hurt a little but it is definitely worth it. I never did the suppositories so I have no experience to share. Best of luck.

  8. i woudl probably do the supp's for now. i would stick to PIO in a regular cycle, though 🙂

  9. I know it's late but I'd do PIO if you're okay with hub giving the shot. The PIO shots in the leg hurt like a b**** but whenever DH did the PIO shots in my hips, I didn't even feel them.

  10. I vote NO on the shot!

  11. i had to make the same decision a few weeks ago… and we decided to do the PIO shots – 2 shots in one day, and then we waited 7 days and got AF to arrive. SO much better than 7 days of suppositories x 3 a day… too much mainteance . there is enough of that to think about when you are stimming.. I am dying to know — what did you decide?!?!

  12. I freaking HATE the suppositories, but my office doesn't offer the shots. I would take the shots any day to the constant grossness that is the pills. It ain't pretty. 🙂 Sounds like they both have their drawbacks though so you probably can't go wrong. Since you're out of pocket I would go for whatever is cheapest.

  13. I did suppositories for 12 weeks and it was really no big deal. It was a little cold, bullet shaped piece of lotion that I inserted and then used a few panty liners a day. I know there are a lot of differing opinions but in mine, the suppositories were not that terrible.

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