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Wow, so I just looked at my dashboard before I clicked “new post” and read “100 followers.”


Thank you all.

You mean the world to me. Truly.

Anywho, that wasn’t what this was going to be about. I mentioned briefly back in September about the Quantum Healer I had spoken with. Amazingness. I never got a post written, but I guess it’s because things were so personal…so spot on… I didn’t know how to put it in words.

At any rate, I decided it was time to talk to him again.

Amazing. I highly recommend you all make an appointment with him. Stat.

SO. For anyone that’s interested, here’s the breakdown that I just emailed my Mom & sister and Amanda (who have all talked to him as well in the past). I know it sounds crazy, but I feel better now than I have in a very long time. Amazing.

Amazing, as always. How could I have expected anything different?
I feel so much calmer. 50 minutes of bliss.

Here’s a bullet list of what I was writing down… order changed to make more sense for you guys b/c we jumped around and back and forth. I paraphrased some things, but you’ll get the idea. Sorry I switched between different tenses and italics. You’ll get the idea. 🙂


-He started off by saying Have you been crying and thinking a lot lately?
Um, yeah. Yep. Definitely. For sure.
So he “worked on that.”

-He followed with, Are you chunkier than ast time we talked? I mean, that came out wrong, but heavier or something?
Um, yeah. 15# chunkier.
He said, You snack a lot, right?
On bad foods. 
If you don’t get control of that now, you’ll be prediabetic when you’re pregnant. 
He told me I need to “cleanse.” That I should “take 2 tsp/day of apple cider vinegar” and eat cashews and grapes.
The vinegar will help me to cleanse and be more emotionally stable.
The cashews will help with my irregular digestive system. I “don’t empty my system” because i’m “holding onto stuff” and the cashews will help with that. They will also help with my cravings for the “bad” foods.  I also need the oils in cashews – the meds I’m on drain me, and the cashews will replenish that.
He said I like grapes, and grapes are good for me, and I need to eat more of them. “Snack on grapes instead of the bad stuff. “
He said I need to sweat – it cleans me out…will help with weight and toxins. “hot sweat” – so I told him about the hot yoga I had gotten into before the MN trip, and he said that’s perfect. To get back into it.

– Relationship-wise, Charlie and I really love each other, but we fight too much about “so many dumb issues.” We both need to get over that.

I never give people financial advice, but for some reason that comes through strongly with you. Your money in savings? Invest in Silver. It will be a great investment for you.
Random. But I’m honestly going to think about it.

-He then briefly talked about his wife – apparently his sister was TTC for 11 yrs or something and his wife was finally a surrogate for her. A couple months after his wife conceived (with his sister’s child), she got pregnant herself. It was about the stress… and I “need to quit stressing so much too.”
My wife is a phramacutical sales rep. You’ll need some medicine – let me know, and I’ll pass on your number to her. She can get it for you for much cheaper…you know, in case insurance won’t cover it or something.

-February is the month for you dear. The latter end of it. 
It will be with help. Not a lot. Not IVF. The kind where they put your husband’s sperm… in your uterus or something. You know?
Um, yep, I know. An IUI. Exactly what we’ve talked about doing with the RE.
The first time will work for you. It’s because of your husband (which he said last time too). You used to have a few issues, but now, [you’re] normal… super normal. Producing lots of eggs… almost painful sometimes (yep), and you’re not pregnant yet b/c Charlie doesn’t produce enough fluid for the sperm. The first time will work for you. 
Know that it works for you, so quit worrying about that, okay?

-Things that have heppened in the past…they were for a reason. Don’t judge yourself so much on experiences…or expectations. (I do this all the time; beat myself up really)
Remember the religion you believe in …the convenant of “thou shall not judge.”
In the future, notice that you’re judging yourself, and let it go.
Nothing you’ve done in the past has been wrong… you are stubborn…you drag past judgement with you. Take the bag of rocks off. I’m trying to take them off, and you keep putting them back. 
Always. I don’t know how to quit this.

-You have a close family. (yep)…but you’ve protected yourself from openness. 
As opposed to your sister (Augusta)… she opened up, and you closed down. Open that up for more guidance from your spiritual side. You’re a lot like her. You need to feel more like she feels. More intuitive…in touch with emotions. It will help you.

-He was constantly breaking in with “how are you feeing? weepy? calm? lighter? more centered? tummy area warmer?”‘ etc… and he was always right.

-He sees myself working more for myself more and more.
I’ll own my own business. Something with planning and organizing.
It will becomes a truer reality for [me].

-Meditation is important for me. I need to do it more.
We spent the last few minutes meditating together… and at the end, he asked me to think of a word…something I don’t always use… or say… and connect it to that feeling of peace I was having. Flash it in my mind, and meditate, and back and forth, over and over… (I picked “contentment”). In the future, I can meditate around this word and get to a deeper level more quickly.
He told me that for me, I needed another 30 minutes “in that state”… which I instantly thought “Jaime (my sis-n-law) is downstairs and wants to hang out. I can’t do that!”…but after I hung up, I concentrated on my breathing…and when I snapped out of it, it had been another 30 minutes. Very bizarre.


  1. That's freaking awesome. You sound so much calmer and more ready for what's to come. So glad!

  2. That's crazy that he totally called the IUI that you are doing this month?! What a great sign!

  3. I love the title of this post…so true!

  4. Sooo much to comment on here I don't even know where to start.First off, I'm glad you talked to him again and that you're finding a bit of contentment. Good word. It will do wonders for your peace of mind. Second, I totally agree, I think that injectibles IUI will be successful for you but I'm no doctor!Third, The Boy (who has a knack for financials and investing) also thinks that investing in silver is the way to go right now. Odd.Fourth, there's nothing better than hot yoga, go get em girly.xoxo

  5. Wow, it all sounds so wonderful! I hope that sense of calm and contentment fills you and sticks with you.I've got high hopes!

  6. Crazy how spot on he was…and hoping he's right about FEB!!!

  7. So exciting!

  8. Cool – I wish I could do that. I'm scared of what they might say…

  9. Just followed you. I never ever ever think to follow people. Ever. My bad. I totally read.So happy you feel more grounded!

  10. Wow, this person sounds awesome! I felt a sense of calm come over myself after just reading this post! Contentment – good pick. Something we all need to work more on! Sending good vibes your way!

  11. Times are changing for ya, I can tell! Focus on that contentment and it will come to you. Let's pray February is YOUR month!

  12. I am glad he is helping you to find a calmer more content you, that is so awesome. I am so curious now to hear if he is right about Charlie…..i am pretty sure you said they would be running those tests on him right? Silver huh….random. How do you even go about converting your savings into silver? Go to the bank? 100 followers! That is so awesome.

  13. so cool, i have goosebumps! Gosh I hope he right, one IUI and that would be awesome. We are here for you.

  14. wow, that is amazing. THank you for posting your experience (I just replied to your comment asking if you could) 🙂 Just out of curiousity how much does he charge and how much to you have share with him about yourself before he tell you anything. Feb is your month girl! woo-hoo!

  15. @Let There Be Sims – I didn't tell him ONE SINGLE THING about me before he started talking. Once we were mid conversation, at times he would ask if there was anything in particular I'd like to talk about, and sometimes I'd say no, sometimes I'd say "work" or "food" or "babies"… but I'd keep it pretty general b/c I was interested in hearing what HE was seeing without me asking him leading questions. He charges different amounts depending on the length of the appointment. did a 45 minute for $90.

  16. I just heard about this from another blogger and I am so interested. I might have to set up an appointment! I'll be following you- good luck!! 🙂

  17. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed talking with Mas and even though I didn't understand everything he told me some of the stuff he knew was crazy!! Thanks!

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