The waiting game…

I fasted from 9PM last night until noon today for the 2hr glucose challenge test and lipid panel I had to do this morning. SO incredibly hungry! The results of this will determine if I most likely have PCOS or not – if I fail, I likely do, and the RE will have me on metformin+clomid for the IUI instead of gonad injectibles+clomid. We shall see…

Now I'm enjoying a delicious lunch and cold beer while I wait for my husband to get into town. It's noon here – He was supposed to be here at 9am, and that has turned into 2pm or later. *sigh* I'm 100 miles from home, so I'm stuck trying to kill time. I wish we were already home…

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  1. Aw, I hope the time passes quickly! When will you get the results from the glucose test?That salad looks delicious 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, you must be dying to see him! Hope the time flies by!Good work on the fasting…not sure I could do it. 🙂

  3. Hopefully my doc will know the results by 2PM or so. I'll call then.The salad was awesome! I was so hungry I knew I'd CRUSH pasta at the 0olive Garden and regret it, so I chose to go to the Ale House instead and get a salad…and a beer. No regrets here. 🙂

  4. Beer…for lunch…It's good to be you!!!Hope the results look good.

  5. The beer makes my mouth water. Is that normal?? :)Glad you get to see hubby soon!

  6. That beer looks delish! I hope you get good results!!

  7. that looks like a great salad!! (and beer, haha)

  8. Glad your husband is on his way home!

  9. There's a salad in that picture? Hoping for awesome results…

  10. Hoping for you that you have good results! Yay for being able to see hubby soon!

  11. Dude I want that. Damn why havent' they invented that option on computers? Oh yeah, because people are already fat enough without being able to grab food out of their computer screens and eat it. I hope the results are good. Keep us posted.

  12. Oh no–hope your hubby made it safely! I'm glad you got some good food in you after fasting–I can imagine that you were famished! Best wishes for speedy results.

  13. Lunch looks fab, hope you get good results and hubs gets there soon!

  14. Mmm…enjoy that beer because hopefully you'll be restricted from them after too long! 🙂 I hope you get great news soon!

  15. I love a nice cold beer. It's great to see a lot of you readers and myself enjoy beer! Best wishes.

  16. that salad looks awesome. great choice. Why would your RE use metformin over injectibles if its PCOS? I am just wandering in case I have to bring it up with my doctor in 2 weeks.

  17. I No matter what – it will be good for you to have a solid plan and the right cocktail of drugs!

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