A Recap of Costs, Results & Plans

(I’m going to update this later once we get all of the bills in, just for my records, but I wanted to get it out there).

$97.52  = 2 hr glucose tolerance test + lipid panel – Passed!

(This means I’m going to be on gonadotropins instead of metformin.)

$500 = Day 3 Bloodwork ($115 for 1st three and $135 for AMH, $20 for blood draw)
            FSH – 8.5 (good – CCRM wants a # under 10)
            LH – 10.9 (fine – CCRM wants a number below the FSH result, but it’s typical that it’s inverted in PCOS patients)
            Estradiol (E2) – 53 (fine – CCRM wants <50, but it’s typical for PCOS patients to be above)
            AMH – 8.4 (okay – CCRM wants > 1,  this means I’ll be incredibly sensitive to fertility drugs – “record breaking sensitive” – so they’re going to be very conservative with my dosages) 
$16.11 = Other Bloodwork – All normal 
            Free T4
            Blood type and screen (ABO-RH/antibody) – I’m A negative.
            Varicella Zoster (chicken pox).
$TBD = Pap Smear. Normal.
FREE! = Genetic Consult (re: my Mom’s hereditary spherocytosis). We waived our right to test.

This was supposed to be $150 but Mary didn’t charge us!

$575 = HSG. Flat rate charged by RSD. Normal – tubes are clear!
One thing – this doesn’t tell him everything’s normal inside the abdomen – just that the tubes are open. 
Only way to know is surgical, and Dr. S doesn’t recommend that at this point. 
$360 = Baseline Ultrasound. Pretty normal.
Everything measured normal (cervix, lining, uterus, and ovaries), 
but I had 20-25 follicles per side – highly indicative of PCOS.
$210 = Semen Analysis with the Anti-Sperm Antibodies Test (ASAB). Pretty normal.
$60.75 = Quest Charges for SA and ASAP
125 mill/ml (very good, especially for 30 hr abstinence time frame). 
Morphology slightly low (3% instead of 4%) – not concerning since his counts are good.
75% motility (want at least 40%) – was still good 2 hrs later

$0 (didn’t get charged the $200?) = Nurse consult. Informative – lots of signing of papers and releases.
$100 = RE consult w/ Dr. Sur.rey Awesome. He definitely put our minds at ease, & we like his plan moving forward.

$700 = Sperm Sample Freezing

We’re doing this in case C is in ND when I ovulate. 
Have to pay for freezing, storage, & communicable disease testing since it’s stored with other samples.

Optional – Recommended by RE – Didn’t Do
$170 = Cystic Fibrosis test 
$285 = Fragile X test 
$350 = Spinal Muscular Atrophy test


The plan going forward:

3 IUI Cycles (Hopefully only ONE!) before moving onto IVF if necessary. 
Assuming I ovulate, IUI success rates are about 20%/cycle (just slightly below the rate for a 30 yr old woman with no IF issues trying “naturally”). However, when I get that BFP, I have a 20% chance of multiples – 5% of that triplets…hence the very careful monitoring and low dosage for me.

Low dose Clomid + gonadotropins (75iu/day of menopur) + IUI + prometrium.

Keep frozen sample in Denver at CC.RM just in case Charlie’s out of town.
If Charlie’s in town, we can do the IUI in Grand Junction (100 miles from home instead of 350). 
We can to monitoring (ultrasound follie scans) just 30 minutes from us, thankfully.

Charlie’s out of town from CD13-28 this cycle (*sigh*) so this is basically a benched cycle. Before he leaves for his next hitch in ND, he’ll leave a frozen sample in Denver so that our next cycle (in March) will be a go for the IUI, even if he ends up being gone when I ovulate.

A couple other points for me to remember… 
*Hot Yoga – definitely abstain in 2ww… Dr S wasn’t sure about it even in the beginning of my cycle. Has anyone else had experience with this? I might hit it hard for the next few weeks and then stop while we’re doing IUI. Makes me sad though – I’m loving hot yoga lately! 
*Acupunture – great. Highly recommends it, but he wants me to quit all herbal therapy while I’m on the menopur & clomid. 


  1. Sounds like a good plan to me! I'm so happy they can at least use a frozen sample if you have to. Options are good. I've heard the same thing about both hot yoga and herbs. Better to be safe than sorry I guess.I'm so happy everything looks good so far 🙂

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan, and a few options in place – wonderful! So excited for you!! Praying for you daily on this journey!

  3. Awesome plan!! 🙂 Woo hoo for moving along quickly and with a purpose. I love it.

  4. Crossing my fingers that you only have to do one IUI!

  5. Sounds like they've got all the info they need to get this started. I'm glad you've all got a plan you're on board with!

  6. Sounds great to me! Glad you've got a plan and are moving forward.

  7. It all sounds great. I bet its nice to have a plan in place. I too had lots of follicles which is the main reason they knew I had PCOS besides my long cycles. I've got my fingers crossed for you guys that number one is the one!!!

  8. Ugh oh,looks like Charlie's talk of multiples is a bigger reality with the higher AMH? That would be crazy if you had twins. You'll be able to handle anything that comes.

  9. I am a new mom who did not have trouble conceiving but assumed I would when we started trying. This just reminds me of how lucky I am and how unfair life can be. I don't know what half the terms mean here but think it's brave of you to share this all with your readers. Thinking of you from ICLW…

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