Please Support Planned Parenthood!

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I rarely talk any sort of politics on this page, but this is so important, so here goes!

Planned Parenthood is an organization that I used for 5 years (senior year of high school and through all of college).

They were the reason I had “safe sex” instead of being another teenage statistic.
They were the reason I had access to birth control and condoms.
They were the ones who did my pap smear that came back abnormal.
They were the ones who alerted me to the fact that I needed cryotherapy for pre-cancerous cervical cells (HPV).
They gave me a place to ask questions and feel supported.

Fertility Lab Insider did a fantastic post about the Reproductive Bills in the News (the OK Personhood Amendment & the cutting of support for Panned Parenthood). Check it out. Be informed. Be involved!

Both these bills have in common the desire to restrict reproductive rights. It is easy to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding because Planned Parenthood’s clients are the poor and the disenfranchised. Maybe we don’t care for those people because we don’t care for abortion. But the rights of couples who need medical help to conceive are also targeted for elimination by the same reasoning because ultimately, infertility treatment is also a form of reproductive choice that some in the society feel should be restricted or eliminated. If you care about your reproductive rights and feel you should have a choice to pursue parenthood when you wish, you should likewise support reproductive choices  for everyone, even if you disagree with the choices other people make.

PCOS Chick also said it best –

To me this has nothing to do with your political views; I do not care if you are Republican or Democrat, but I do care that we all ban together & not let women loose their rights!

Planned Parenthood is a place where women (and men) can get the proper treatment they need. They can go here knowing they will not be judged & their rights protected. This is an organization that I believe in & hope you do too.

This is not about abortions, Planned Parenthood also provides family planning, HIV tests and preventative cancer and other medical screenings.

This is about making sure that we women, have a place to get the vital care that we need if it! This is about our bodies!


Please go on over to her page to see how you can help!


  1. shoot, i have to disagree with supporting planned parenthood. i am 100% pro-life, and while i know they have other services, i just can't support them knowing they are involved with abortions.

  2. @A – I would refer you to the paragraph I quoted in the middle of this post – "If you care about your reproductive rights and feel you should have a choice to pursue parenthood when you wish, you should likewise support reproductive choices for everyone, even if you disagree with the choices other people make."These bills can affect your right to pursue ART as well…What if you had been told you couldn't pursue IUI or IVF in your quest to have a child?

  3. Also consider this, if you cut spending on Planned Parenthood, then you need to increase funding for Welfare. Simple cause and effect. All of the ramifications of budget cuts need to be considered. I hear what you're saying.

  4. I also used Planned Parenthood in high school and college and they were so caring. The one I went to didn't perform abortions but did give access to birth control and pap smears.

  5. Hey…this must be a US thing. Planned parenthood here just is. I've never seen anything to support it or not so this is a new thing. But good for you for speaking out. There should be more information out there about sex and STDs. I would have a one year old in my hands by now had there been more information in the world.

  6. 100% agree. I've already signed the petition. I am so tired of having to fight for medical equality because I have a vagina.

  7. First gotta ask… WHERE do you live??? I'm up in Fort Collins and you're the first Coloradoan IF blog I've found so I'm all way-too-super-excited about that lol.(But not in a creepy-stalker way I promise!)Can't wait to read more of your blog, I love your wit and humor :)PS- I USE A LOT OF SMILEY FACES TOO!!! 🙂 😀 🙂 :DICLW

  8. Thanks for you comment to my blog and for stopping by by way of ICLW. Any WOMAN who does not support Planned Parenthood just because one of the many services they offer is abortion (which is a woman's LEGAL right to have, might I add), does not understand the fundamentals of education and access to health services. And, of course, that woman is likely also not poor or impoverished and doesn't care about those that are.I am over people co-mingling issues. It does a disservice to us all and adds to the dumbing down of America.

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