A Day in the Life…

…or not?

It’s 8am, and so far today:

I’ve been up for 6 hours…
driven 200 miles over 6 mountain passes…
had 2 breakfasts 5 hours apart…
dropped my husband at the airport so he could fly back to work in ND…
drank 2 huge cups of black coffee…
and laughed at my balding friend’s description of how nostalgic it makes him to brush his huge, red, mountain-man beard.

On a normal day, I wake up at 8am (at the earliest!).
I rarely have a need to drive.
I am cooking my one and only breakfast.
I don’t drink coffee.
I prefer to cuddle with my husband instead of saying goodbye for 16 days again.
I don’t get to see my buddy S – or laugh at his insane beard. Why did I forget to get a picture of that again?!

This is from skiing with S. last winter – add a HUGE HUGE HUGE beard onto this pic of him –
a seriously brushable length beard. I about died laughing when I saw him at breakfast this morning. 🙂 

It’s been a bizarre day so far… let’s see what the rest of the day brings!

*EDITED* to say that I’m skiing with him in a couple of weeks and will get a pic of the beard then. 🙂

Also, the drive this morning was roundtrip – we live 30 minutes from an airport, but it was cost prohibitive to fly out of there today so I drove C to an airport about 100 miles south of here. When we go to Denver for RE appointments, that’s 300+ miles northeast of here. Sometimes I hate living in the middle of nowhere.

Also, the day just kept getting crazier. Showed property all day, and the people ACTUALLY WANT TO SUBMIT AN OFFER! Rare around here lately. Now I’m headed off to my photography class..and I still haven’t slept. Bets on me falling asleep in the class before 9pm?!


  1. I'm glad you are loving CCRM, I keep hearing they are the best. Hopefully no IVF for you! Looks like you are living the life, you look happy and beautiful. ICLW

  2. Yikes hope the rest of your day looked like this:go back to sleep. the end.But I am disappointed at the lack of giant red beard picture

  3. I still haven't slept, but just got home from showing property (I'm a Realtor when I'm not unemployed, remember?) and they actually want to submit an offer. YAHOO!!!!

  4. Did you drive that far just to get to the airport? Where exactly in Colorado do you live?Hope you had a relaxing rest of your day. I was up at 5AM yesterday for a pre-op and will be up equally early on thurs for surgery….I LOVE getting up early…not!!Hope your day improved. I am also missing the pictures of the beard!

  5. @LIz – that was round trip. We have an airport 30 miles away, but it was $1300 to fly from there to ND and only $600 to fly from this other airport to ND. The drive was worth it to save $700! 🙂 Beard pics coming as soon as I ski with him in the next couple of weeks!

  6. I have to say, you look like a completely different person with your hair braided and a hat on. Sounds like a long day, get some sleep.

  7. Wow! That was quite a day!! I would hate not having my hubby around for 17 days- how do you do it? Fun picture!!

  8. wow, i got tired just reading that. i forgot to tell you my SIL is in the process of being a surrogate for a couple. this couple flew her and her husband to Denver to visit CCRM for testing because they are the best. You are in great hands!

  9. What a busy day! I hope their offer gets accepted and you get a bit of rest.

  10. I'm so out of touch for the last week…need to catch up with what you've been up to. Hope you're getting along ok and are recovered from the crazy trip to drop Char off.

  11. Phew what a day. Glad it ended on a high note though!! Fingers crossed it's accepted!

  12. wow, what a day! the photography class sounds awesome, will you share some of your photos?

  13. Congrats on getting an offer on a house (hopefully)! I've never lived anywhere where I had to drive that much, but any time we visit my husband's family in small-town Montana, I get frustrated with all the driving in just a short visit. I don't know how you do it. That said, audio books have made many a long drive semi-enjoyable for me.

  14. You certainly are a supportive and understanding wife. I can't imagine how hard it was to drop him off. Hopefully you got your well deserved sleep!

  15. Hope you got some much needed rest. Here from ILCW. Look forward to following…

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