It’s so weird to NOT be trying…

Well, after my last few random posts, I figured I should do an IF related update. That being said, there’s not a whole lot I can say when it’s our first non-TTC cycle in 19 months. I’m currently on CD18 (I usually ovulate between 19-30), and for the first time in a very long time, I have no idea how close I am to ovulation. I haven’t been temping most mornings… it feels pointless since Charlie’s out of town from CD13-28. That being said, I guess it’d be nice to have an idea of when I ovulate so we can have an idea of when the medicated IUI cycle is to start. I’m just so ready to move forward!

I vacillate between wanting a few different things lately…

-O tomorrow already so that the next cycle begins on one of my husband’s first days back here and we can get going. This would also mean a more “normal” cycle length for me, which would be good.

-O on CD29/30 since Charlie will be back in town and we’d have one last shot at a non-medicated BFP.

-O super late on CD32 (which again, would allow us to try naturally) but assuming another BFN, that would hopefully ensure that Charlie will be in town during the actual IUI procedure next cycle so we can use a fresh sample and work on some backup insurance in the days following. 🙂 They think my cycle will be shorter when I’m on the menopur, but we’re not sure, so it’s super hard to guess when I’ll ovulate…especially when in reality, it could likely be anywhere from CD14-30…that’s a two week span! March 13th will be CD32… if I O then, the cycle will finish out and the next one will begin and Charlie would return from his next hitch on CD13 of the medicated cycle (and be home for 12 days). That would give us a pretty good chance of him being here for the IUI.

I don’t know… it looks a little crazy when I write it all out, but that’s how it is in my mind….a little crazy. 🙂 Basically, I want to O either on the shortest end or longest end of my “average” … but beggars can’t be choosers I guess. Just anxious and hopeful for the first time in a long time – I’m so ready to get my BFP!


  1. Man…I've sooo been there when I'm trying to actually live my life, but the timing of O always seems to get in the way. I hope your body cooperates for you. How long is Charlie going to be working this schedule?Each day that passes is another day closer to your BFP. It's coming soon…I know it.

  2. Soon you'll be going from planning your life around O timing to planning around nap timing 🙂

  3. I remember having to throw away cycles because of Scott's traveling for work. That's how it always felt to me, like I had just hucked a month in the trash. Not the most optimistic I admit, but honest. At least you have a number of "options" in your hopes, so one of them SHOULD work. Of course IF is all about things that should work that don't. :/ *HUG*On a side note about the vlogs – I have no idea how to do that although my laptop does have a built in camera and I can skype. Very cool! Although I call them sneakers… tennis shoes have less traction and are worn for the sport of tennis! 😛 I don't know why they are called sneakers though.

  4. All that O'ing sounds a little confusing, but it does sound like you have it straight in your mind. I hope that it does happen for you naturally this cycle, but at least there is a backup plan in place now.

  5. We're all ready for you to get your BFP 🙂 !

  6. I so hope for you that the timing of ovulation works out the way you would like it to. Breathe in, breathe out, it will all work out one of these days! 🙂 You are such a champion for maintaining your composure while your husband is away working out of town.

  7. Hi Josey! I am actually going to Dr.Bush at Conceptions in Littleton for my IVF. I really like him, the other 2 RE's there, and the clinic. I've heard great things about CCRM though! You are definitely in good hands!Good luck with getting the "O" sorted out. My husband travels a lot for work, so I've definitely been in your shoes trying to figure out if we'd be under the same roof during "O." It is stressful!!!

  8. It's all already so hard to deal with and keep track of, but add the travel in and you definitely have a heavier load to carry. Sound like you have everything figured out…you're so much better at that than me.

  9. Stopping by for ICLW.I know what you mean about it feeling weird to not be trying…we are currently on a break after our first IVF cycle led to a miscarriage. It feels weird not to be doing anything to aid TTC. I hope your BFP comes soon. xx

  10. What a coincidence! It is crazy in my brain too :). Whatever happens I just know it will all work out.

  11. Just cuz you're not TTC doesn't mean those mental wheels aren't a'turnin'! 🙂 Whatever happens will happen and the best news is you have a plan to address every scenario. Bring on the next cycle! 🙂

  12. I can't wait to hear how the next cycle goes – I'm so excited and hopeful for you!

  13. I am excited for your next cycle! You are in such good hands with CCRM. Whatever happens with the timing, it will all work out. Best wishes!

  14. I hope time begins to fly by so you can get to the good stuff! I'm so hoping everything works out this time!

  15. Best of luck w your upcoming IUI! From what I understand injections are a lot more powerful than clomid. I know someone who had several cycles of clomid without a BFP, upgraded to injectibles and got her BFP on the 2nd try.

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