Summer is Coming!

I spent this morning watching two of my friends load up their truck, tie down every last item, and head off to the Grand Canyon to float for 21 days through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. I’m so jealous!

Do you know how much liquor is required for that long of a float? R & M brought 2 handles of whiskey, 2 handles of gin, 1 handle of vodka (for morning bloody marys), 2 boxes of wine, and 11 cases of beer… and they’re literally worried they won’t have enough but don’t really have room for anything more in the raft. LOL. I think they’re going to have quite the trip…

The trucks are LOADED down! 🙂 
His “flair” hat for the river party day. 🙂 
The two on the right are one of our favorite couples in the world. Great people. 🙂
They got married just two weeks after us and actually live in the house my husband used to live in!
Pulling out! We won’t see them again until the 28th. Safe travels and floating my friends!


  1. Wow that would be an amazing trip – how come you didn't go?

  2. A few reasons… (1)the time required off of work (not that it ended up being a concern to me, but this trip was planned and paid for many months ago)(2)the cost(3)we didn't know anyone else in the group going (there are 15 on this trip) and that seemed like a LONG trip with strangers. Still, I hope someday we'll have the chance to go!

  3. How fun! 🙂 Sounds intense with all that booze.

  4. Wow that looks like fun. What beautiful weather you have–I'm so jealous.

  5. That is a lot of alcohol, just for four people?!?!

  6. LOL – @Michele – that was actually for TWO of them. The thing about river trips is you end up drinking for 12 hours a day… every day. And when you're in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, there's no "restocking" of the supply, so it's always better to bring too much than not enough. It's a great time…

  7. That sounds awesome. I can only imagine that they're going to be a sight when that trip is over. 🙂 You need to take some "after" pictures!

  8. What an amazing trip. I so hope to get back down there and try something like that.My god..will the raft not sink!?! LOL. Good times.

  9. Hmmm, does seem like they will need a mid-float liquor reload. 🙂 hahaha.

  10. "Summer is coming"?! Oh, thank God.(Yes, I know I live in San Diego. It's not about the weather. It's about the attitude, the length of the days, and the abundance of watermelon.)

  11. Sounds like fun! Tell them to drink one or two for me!

  12. Man that sounds like a great time!!!!

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