TISW Update

Oooookay folks… it’s time for me to write this up and get accountable and get back on the weight loss bandwagon.

For those of you just joining me, this has been a project (well, my whole life), but mainly since around the time we started TTC. As a high school/college kid I had always weighed around 145-150#, and I was pretty comfortable with that number. I’m 5’8″, and I carry it pretty well. That being said, back in October 2009, I found myself seeing 172# on the scale and freaking out. It was time to make a change.

By June 2010, I was down 20# to 151.8# and feeling so much better about myself. My goal was to get to 142# – and I knew that last 10# would be the hardest, but BAM, I didn’t count in the factor of me GIVING UP.


In January I wrote this post about the journey I’ve been on, and how I had moved the elliptical machine into my bedroom to try to get motivated again. I started 2011 weighing 167# and feeling absolutely miserable about putting 15# of those 20# I had lost right back on.

Um, yeah. Two months later it’s March 1st, and I’m only down 2# to 165#.

I get it – loss is better than gain…but I need to kick this up the priority list. Somehow depression (thanks to being jobless & still not pregnant) and loneliness (thanks to my amazing husband working 1,000 miles away to support us during this recession), has turned me into a couch potato instead of a workout fiend (since, you know, I have all the time in the world right now with no job and no kid!).

MY GOALS: (and yes, all of the pictures are of me. This post doubles as a reminder to love where I live!)

I want to get back into rock climbing because it’s the most amazing total body workout I’ve ever done!

I want to get into the gym to practice my rowing because a great deal of our summer is spent rafting with friends…and it’s a better workout if you’re rowing instead of sitting and drinking. 🙂

I want to keep working on walking the dog around town more to get more cardiovascularly fit for hiking (both for summer hikes and winter hike-to ski runs!).
FYI – the town I live in rises/falls 200′ just over the main 7 blocks that encompass town, so it is a workout to walk everywhere!

..and last but not least, I want to get my eating habits under control.

I wrote last August about my abusive relationship with food… and I am so tired of dealing with it. To those of you in blogger land who have reached out to me and shared your stories…your struggles…and your support, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. I’m still struggling, but you all have helped me countless times to make smart decisions, and I’m so grateful for that.

All that being said, here’s how my week has gone so far. I’m going to start doing Friday check-ins again, though they won’t be this long-winded in the future. Bear with me. 🙂

60 min. on the elliptical. Ate too much out at dinner with friends & purged. *sigh* Had a few drinks, but went home early b/c I felt so bad about the food crapola. Tomorrow is a new day.
60 min. on the elliptical. Food was good. Couple too many pomatinis with SIL while watching the Oscars. 🙂
4 hrs of straight snowboarding (great workout!). Food was good. WAY too many drinks celebrating with the ski patroller friends in Tel.luride… though this is something I do only once a year. There’s always an excuse and a party you say? DAMMIT. I know.
Total POS thanks to drinks the night before. Ate hangover food. Skipped out on my workout, but luckily at 5pm my friend M came by and FORCED me out of the house to walk the dogs for an hour or so. Felt good to be alive.
45 min. on the elliptical. Food was ok (too much non-healthy snacking). Few too many drinks out with friends. The story of my life you say? DAMMIT. I know.
1 hr walk with M and the dogs. 90 minutes at the new rock climbing wall at the local high school. SUPER FUN! I did 3 ascents and belayed (sp?) my friend 4 times. Whole body hurts… in an awesome way. Food was ok. Drinks was fine.
75 min. Hot Fusion yoga class. Kicked my butt as usual. 🙂 Food good so far.

So there we go… no matter what I do in a particular week on a particular day, it’s my goal to be totally honest with myself (and all of you!) on this blog. I wanted to include lots of fun pictures of the amazing activities I have at my disposal around here to remind me that working out can be FUN and that the more I work out, the better I eat, and the better I feel…

Here’s to getting back at it!! 

**updated to add measurements**

Okay – I just took my measurements for the first time since last May. Yikes. 
It’s good to realize why none of my jeans and such fit anymore though…that’s what 10-15# will do. 😛
So excited to be back on this journey!

Neck: 13.25″ – no change
Right bicep: 12.25″ – up .75″
Wrist – 6.25″ – no change
Bust: 39.0″ – up 2.75″
Under bust: 33.0″ – up 1.5″
Natural Waist – 31.5″ – up 2″
Belly – 37.5″ – up 2.25″
Hips – 42.5″ – up 3″
Right thigh – 24.25″ – up 1″
Right calf – 14.75″ – up .5″


  1. That's my girl! It pushes you down, but you ALWAYS get back up. I don't want it to push you down anymore. You deserve better xoFriday updates are a great idea. It will keep you accountable. And you better start hiking so you can keep up with me in May 🙂

  2. You know that I totally understand and am right there with ya. Getting back on the horse is the only way…good for you. Thank you right back for YOUR support. You have been a wonderful sounding board to me and I truly appreciate it.

  3. I'm right there with you! I'm 5ft 7inches barely… and this morning weighed in at 142.4. My happy weight is 135.

  4. You can do it! I have faith in you. The hardest part is always starting and you've already done that!

  5. Rock climbing is AWESOME, seriously the best all body workout ever. Muscles you didn't know you have hurt.For me, what always helps is getting on a healthy eating kick until I don't even want to touch the greasy crap food any more…but that takes a while. My happy weight is around 165 at 5'10, but I've been 180-ish since college (and well now, I'm waaaay up from that of course). So I feel you.Just stay motivated and keep yourself accountable!

  6. I'm there with you! Trying to shed the weight, eat right, be more active. I have my bad moments but I just try to focus on do better next time. And really being conscious to drink more water. The majority of people in Colorado are dehydrated!

  7. I commend you for being this honest, not just with us but with yourself which is the hardest part. Your pics are awesome and I know that you will get yourself back on track. You really are such an inspiration to me! I can't wait until my retrieval is done. I plan to get into a 6 week kick ass workout and eating plan before I come back to Colorado for my transfer. Thanks for the motivation!

  8. Wow! You are totally inspiring me to stop my food abuse right in its tracks 🙂 Food has been licking my ass, especially with all this IF stress!

  9. I am totally going to join in on this with you in a couple weeks. You are definitely going to be an awesome motivator for me and maybe I can help keep you going too. The fact that your highest weight would be a dream come true to me is kind of disheartening, but you have shown that you are going to keep on trying, so I am going to do it too!

  10. good for you Josey to get back on that train or whatever they call it. We're here rooting for you to succeed. Its hard and you may slip but just keep getting back up!

  11. You are inspiring me to do SOMETHING each day. Keep at it! To answer your question on my blog – I'm 5'7". Toning is my next mission!

  12. I'm a few days late to this, I know, but I just wanted to say hang in there, and you can do it! I wonder if it would help to focus on one new good habit at a time? Like exercising regularly, eating better, drinking less. Not all at once. You know what works best for you, but it always seems so ambiguous to say "I'm going to live better" than "I'm going to exercise 5 hours every week" or something. I also know my acupuncturist told me to lay off on the alcohol for my fertility, but my issues and body type were different than yours, so it may not be the same for you.

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