The Best One Ever

I’ve touched on this briefly from time to time, but I figured it was maybe time to devote an entire post to it.

I married the most wonderful man in the world. 

Yep. No joke!

We’ve been married for nearly 32 months (3 yrs on July19!), and we’ve definitely had our ups and downs.

For the first 39 months of dating, we both had steady jobs and very few responsibilities, which meant we also had plenty of income to cover the bills and have fun whenever we wanted. This means lot of laughter, lots of carefree new romance dates, and lots of easy lovin’. 🙂

Then we got married, and just like that, it seems our luck changed. Well, either that or the worst recession since the Great Depression hit the US, and unfortunately we both work in industries that were hit hard. *sigh*

However, this isn’t about a pity party for us and our string of unemployment luck throughout our marriage thus far.

This is about how my husband… the dear that he is… the kind, generous, caring, compassionate, loving person that he is… has always “done what needs to be done” for our family. I know it’s pretty old fashioned, but it’s something he feels very strongly about. The first time he was laid off, he had a really hard time with not being “the provider,” and quite honestly, he was also just bored. He likes to work and he loves his job…that’s a blessing that many don’t find. I’m still struggling to find a career path that I love!

Last fall Char.lie got laid off again, and in December the business I was working at closed…supposedly for two weeks over the holidays, but it’s turning into probably five months. Thankfully we were both able to collect unemployment, and between both of our unemployment checks and odd jobs, we were able to cover the bills. Then…his unemployment ran out.

FYI – for those who are curious, he’s in construction, and there is ZERO work around here. His father (and boss) is very well known and well respected in our area and has built hundreds of homes. His father’s best friend (who he has also done work for) has 75 employees normally in his concrete business – and right now is down to five. FIVE. There are literally hundreds of unemployed people in our tiny area right now with NO jobs to speak of, so please don’t think we’re lazy and haven’t been looking for other employment in the area!

Anyway, Charlie’s BFF has worked on the oil rigs for eight years, and the week that his unemployment ran out and we’d have been in danger of falling behind on our mortgage payments, his buddy called him with a job opportunity… on the oil rigs… 1,000 miles away in ND… working on the hardest job he’s ever done in his life while being outside in -30 below weather.

Um, yeah. Not the most enticing job offer, but at our house you’d have thought it was Christmas morning. Halleluia – there is work!!!

We debated for all of an hour about whether he’d go or not, and when we read the numbers on the bottom line and knew it was the only way, C told me to please not worry about him, but he was going to do what needed to be done, and just a couple of days later, he was on a plane up to the cold, cold north.

I am so stinkin’ proud of him. 

Right now is a very trying time in our marriage. It’s hard to be apart for 16 days at a time. It’s hard to still be struggling with the TTC. It’s hard to feel stressed about the abundance of bills & lack of job opportunities other hard decisions. BUT.

Right now is a wonderful time in our marriage. It’s a wonderful time to remind us to truly appreciate every moment we have together when he’s back from a hitch for 12 days. It’s a wonderful time for me to have the flexibility for doctor’s appointments and moving forward with our TTC goal. It’s a wonderful time to get back to basics and realize what we really need to be happy in life and cut out the extra.

I married a man with a heart of gold, and he is going to make the best father EVER. I truly believe that. I’m so thankful to have found you Char.

Chillin’ with our nephew over the holidays. True love. 🙂


  1. oh my gosh this made me tear up. You atwo are so strong! I hope the job market picks up soon so you can be back together full time. love your pictures!!

  2. Aww this post brought tears to my eyes. He's such a wonderful husband and I can't wait for him to come home to you. Great post Josey xo

  3. Seriously, this made my eyes water up! I'm so glad that ya'll are being strong for one another.

  4. Another crier here. Give him a big hug from all of us out here thinking of you guys 🙂

  5. Good post, I'm not a crier, but if I was I would have too. I hope you find work soon. I think you will always look back fondly at this time in your lives as some of the best days you ever had.

  6. Sweet post. Had me crying too. I can't wait until that last picture is one of you and your child. You're going to be the best parents. 🙂

  7. How sweet! I keep forgetting that you can I have the exact same anniversary! 7/19/08! We even had a similar style dress and a similar hair/veil style! Hello, twin! lol I am so happy that you have an amazing support system. It makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?

  8. Your inspiration to me – JJ is getting ready to start up the BBQ restaurant which means he'll be gone at least 4 days out of the week…and I'll be stuck at home with 4 dogs. We can do this! We gotta love our men for doing what it takes.

  9. You've probably explained this in other posts, but how did you meet? He sounds like a good Colorado guy 🙂 Scott is very similar in wanting to work and provide and has worked jobs he hates to make ends meat.(Or is it "Makes ends meet"? I don't know if it's about the last bit of food or forcing to ends together…. but you know what I mean) My mom had some serious doubts about him since he doesn't come from a wealthy well-to-do-family, but I can't imagine a better man who loves, cares and keeps me grounded. CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming anniversary! *hugs to you both*-PS, love the pictures, are they taken down in Teluride? We got married outside of Estes Park, gotta love the mountain weddings 😀

  10. Ah shmoop. Love you guys. xoxo

  11. What a nice post about your hubby! I feel so lucky to have a great one too 🙂 Not to sound creepy, but you two have really nice white teeth! haha

  12. What a beautiful post. I heart C!

  13. @Kira – we live 37 miles from Tell.uride on the other side of the San Juan Mountain Range. We got married just a couple miles outside of town on my friend's ranch – beautiful property!

  14. Very happy for you. So many ppl don't have what you do. Nice to dedicate your post to hubby.

  15. Sniff Sniff. That was so beautiful. Congratulations on having such a strong marriage, a healthy foundation for your future family 🙂

  16. I'm really glad you wrote this post, Josey. It's a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. I, too, am so very proud of C for doing what needs to be done. He's the best. Like Dad says, "He's a keeper." We love him.Dad and I love both you and C with all our hearts; and I agree with Michele's comment up there – the days fly by and there is no way to understand just how fast it all goes when you are in your 20s and 30s – it is only now in my 50s that I am getting a solid grasp on that fact. You will indeed look back at these days with great fondness – even the hard days, even the tears and heartache part. I should add that while being young is a marvelous thing on so many levels; getting older does have its own set of joys. Anyway, whenever I see pictures from your wedding I start smiling out loud, if you know what I mean! 🙂 That was pretty much the perfect day and you were radiant. xxhugsxx Mom

  17. beautiful post!

  18. this is so sweet. i can feel the love radiating off your post through my computer. you guys are an amazing couple and i hope your hard times are over soon!

  19. Oh damn it Josey, I am crying like a baby! This is so sweet and beautiful. But I am still super mad at you for making me cry.

  20. Just browsing through posts and found this one JJ! Brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful couple you two are, I'm so happy C is in the fam as well!! Love you so so much. And omg, 8 WEEKS!? This is getting to be so real. Life is good.

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