The Best of Sisters… and a Brother too. :-)

I don’t think I’ve ever posted these on here before, and I was feeling sentimental about my sisters earlier (we’re all super close), so I decided today was a good day to do it. 🙂 Each year we do a photo shoot loosely inspired by these images of the Brown Sisters.

Have you checked out that first link yet? Cuz you should. It’s awesome.

At any rate, I had read an article about the art exhibit back in 2004, and I thought it was such a great idea that I told my Mom and sisters about it. Here we are, seven years later, and still going strong. Since we live far and wide nowdays, it’s also a great excuse to ALWAYS get together at least once a year, which is harder than it sounds at times! When we started in the summer of 2004, we were 15, 17, 19, and 22. We aren’t always in the same order (we meant to be, but screwed that up, and now we’re in whatever order we feel like!)… so I hope you can still get a sense of who’s who.

Just to help you out, in the first picture we have (A – 17), (me-22), (A-19), (E-15).

Summer 2004 – The Wheat Field Pictures

Winter 2005 – Mom & Dad’s front yard
Winter 2006 – Mom & Dad’s front yard
Winter 2007 – Mom & Dad’s front yard
Summer 2008 – In Colorado @ my wedding 🙂
Winter 2008 (dec) – Mom & Dad’s front yard
Winter 2009 (just a few months later) – Wedding dress shopping for A (white scarf)
Summer 2009 – A’s wedding in MN 
Summer 2010 – In MN at our cousin’s wedding.
We’re actually in age order in this pic – as of last summer we were 28/25/23/21.
Just as a side-note, we actually have an AWESOME little brother (and by little, I mean youngest – he’s way taller than all of us now!) who we take pictures with every year as well… just in the interest of being like the photo series I referenced above, we tend to focus more on the sister pics. I think T (little bro) appreciates not having to do extended photo shoots every year anyway. In fact, he’s actually driving out to CO from Fargo next week to go snowboarding for the week with me. I’m so excited!! 
Here’s a pic of all of us from my wedding…just b/c it’s my blog and I want to include another pic from my wedding. 🙂


  1. I'm not just saying this, but you guys each sparkle. I don't know if it's your smiles or your eyes, but it's definitely true. Your brother is too cute. I'm sure you're getting so excited to see him. It's always weird to me getting to spend one on one time with one of my siblings when we're so used to being together. Have a great time!

  2. WOW! That's quite the crew and you girls are all so pretty. You look the same and yet different. What a perfect little unit. I'm jealous. I look NOTHING like any of my sibs. I'm odd blond out. 🙂

  3. You all have that great Josey smile. 🙂

  4. Such a cool idea! Your eyes are all so similar..beautiful! These will be great keepsakes for your kids 🙂

  5. You guys have amazing smiles! I'm a teeth person, I notice these things…They had that Brown sisters exhibit at a museum in Fort Worth and it was so powerful to see all the pictures lined up like that. I think it's a great idea that you guys are doing the same thing, but I'm super glad you're doing it smiling, because seriously, you all have amazing smiles!!

  6. So your family is a classic case of "trying for a boy" it seems. 🙂 It is cool how much you guys look alike, yet you have your own distinctions too. I am glad you didn't stick with the Brown Sister's no smiling genre, but I love this idea.

  7. You can certainly tell you are sisters!! You are all so cute : ) I love your wedding photos, looks like it was such a beautiful day.

  8. You make me miss my sisters.

  9. What a fun idea… I LOVE IT!

  10. How awesome are those pictures! Thanks for sharing. Younall all drop dead gorgeous. Even your bro.

  11. what a great idea! I love the pictures!

  12. Well, you're all just so hard to look at 🙂 Total sarcasm! What beautiful girls!!! And you are sooooo lucky to have lots of sisters! I always wanted one. Got the lil bro…but never the sis! 🙂

  13. You're all so pretty!

  14. @Natalie – believe it or not, my brother was an "oops" baby. Yep, my Mom is a "Fertile" – through and through – though normally they timed their pregnancies using BBT & CM.*sigh*Don't worry Mom, I still love ya.

  15. Those are great, thanks for sharing! Looks like y'all have a lot of fun together and many more photo shoots to look forward to!

  16. What a gorgeous family! Thx for sharing.

  17. Gorgeous!! How fun to have a large family!

  18. Most of the photos (except 05 and 10) are Gus-Jos-Aud-Em so let's try to stay in that order from now on. We can remember that – you and me in the middle, brown haired on the left, blonde on the right. I like it better when we stay in the same order. Consider that my official statement. When are you we getting together this year?

  19. @Audrey – that does seem to be the order for quite a few, though gus/em are flip flopped and you/me flip flop in a few others as well. Mom – you got that?! 🙂 Gus-Jos-Aud-Em from now on! 🙂 Thanks to everyone else for the kind comments! Love my siblings!!

  20. Awe, you ladies are all so pretty. You also all have very similar smiles!

  21. You guys look a lot alike…very pretty!!

  22. Dang! What a GAWGEOUS family!!:) You are going to make one Bee-U-tiful baby! So precious! I need to do a family post too! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration:)

  23. Dang! What a GAWGEOUS family!!:) You are going to make one Bee-U-tiful baby! So precious! I need to do a family post too! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration:)

  24. Good pictures, your kids will be lucky to inherit those genes. And all of the kids will have so many cousins!

  25. Also @Natalie, they actually were never 'trying' for one gender or the other, just always a healthy baby! I'll never forget the story Dad told me about after having JJ how he thought 'It might be nice to have a boy, one of each..' and then Audi came out and she was SO PERFECT, and SO BEAUTIFUL and SO WONDERFUL that he felt SO AWFUL for ever having thought it'd be nice if she was something other then her perfect little self!! 🙂 Love that story.Also, I'm on the left (right, when looking at the photos, but left, IRL) in every photo except your wedding. I agree. Gus-Jos-Aud-Em.Lovely post JJ! xoxo

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