Wordless Wednesday – He’s Coming Home!

Off to drive a couple of hours to the airport. 16 days at a time is too damn long… 


  1. Yay!! So happy for you both!

  2. Girl, I don't know how you survive! So happy and excited for your reunion! Savor and soak up each moment with him!:)

  3. So glad he's coming home. Can't believe its been 16 days!! Gah.

  4. YAY!! So, excited for the two of you.

  5. Brown Chicken Brown Cow…absense makes you hornier. Now you guys can get all discovery channel up in your house 🙂

  6. I'd totally make a scene at the airport like he's been gone for years. The more ridiculous the better! Have a great time with yo boo. 🙂

  7. Wow that is a long time! Love him up girl!

  8. Yay!!! Enjoy your time with him 😉

  9. OMG. Do you live in Durango??? That's where my BFF grew up! I have always wanted to visit… 🙂

  10. YAY!!! You guys have an awesome time together! 🙂

  11. yay! Have a great time together

  12. Yay for Charlie! And no AF to contend with this time, I hope? 😉

  13. I would be counting down too… that is a long time! Have fun making up for missed snuggle time:]

  14. Oh finally, 16 days sucks…just like another 2 week wait.

  15. @Frosty – we actually live 3 mountain passes north of there, but we go down to Durango pretty often.

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