TISW Check-In

Before you read my workout update from this week, check out this post from sarc. As much as I’d love to be naturally thin, I love her mentality on this as well.

I guess I’m kind of glad I have to work for it. It makes getting it that much more awesome. 


Real Quickly – My Rating Scale: 
Food: Good (in calorie range – healthy foods)
          Okay (in calorie range but not necessarily all healthy foods)
          Bad (out of calorie range and/or lots of unhealthy foods)
Alcohol: Good (None)
          Okay (a few drinks with dinner and/or friends)
          Bad (too many to count)

My Fitness Pal (MFP) has me eat 1200 cal/day, and if I exercise, I get “bonus” calories to eat if I want (I usually try to eat some/most of them – the point is to keep your metabolism up and going – they’ve already built in the deficit). That’s what the over/deficit refers to after each day’s title – the “net” calories MFP wants me to eat. When I successfully lost 20# last year, this method worked very well for me. I’m hoping it does again. 🙂

Friday: 413 over (guessing)
75 min. Hot Fusion yoga class
Food: good
Alcohol: bad

Saturday: 280 calories over
90 min. snowboarding
Food: okay
Alcohol: okay

Sunday: 322 calorie deficit
90 min. Hot Yoga class
Food: good
Alcohol: none

Monday: 318 calorie deficit
60 min. spinning class (my first ever!)
Food: okay
Alcohol: none

Tuesday: 374 calories over
3 hrs Snowboarding
Food: Okay
Alcohol: Okay

Wednesday: 201 calorie deficit
30 min. elliptical
Food: Good
Alcohol: Okay

Thursday: 39 calorie deficit
60 min. Hot Fusion yoga class
Food: Good/Okay
Alcohol: Okay


Overall, that’s 7 workouts and a net calorie deficit of 373. 
This morning I weighed in at 165.0 – exactly the same as last week.

Normally I’m hoping to start doing rock climbing on Thursday nights, but yesterday my climbing partner was out of town so I didn’t. However, I’m pretty excited about the range of activities I have available to me here! I’m disappointed at no weight loss this week, but I’m also realistic that it’s Week 1 and my body was doing a lot of different activities and I’m just starting to get back into this. It still felt good to have a healthy week where I was conscious of what I was putting into my body!


  1. That's the mentality you need. You are losing weight for health reasons, and that takes time. Don't give up, and I guarantee you see some results next week.you're making me want to start rock climbing again. We have a sweet gym that I always used to go to in high school…haven't been in YEARS. I remember being super sore afterwards, it's such a good workout!

  2. You go girl! Did you take your measurements this morning? I've always heard trainers say that once you start up a workout routine again, you actually gain a bit of weight due to muscle and water retention. However most people say you'll see a big drop in week 2. This has been a big motivator for me to get off my ass and go to the gym. Thanks for the kick in the butt.BTW, I started following you a couple months ago, but have never commented. I love reading your posts (you're so damn funny) and feel like I could be right behind you in your IF journey (going to the dr next week for possible PCOS diagnosis. Currently just unexplained IF). I hope you don't mind a new blog stalker. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. Aww, I think Katie's right…you're definitely an inspiration!

  4. Keep at it and the pounds will start falling off. Remember you're building muscle first which is heavy, but building muscle burns fat faster.

  5. Snowboarding has GOT to burn a TON of calories! Good job on maintaing

  6. That is a lot of working out, you are definitely committed, I'm lucky if I get my but in the gym 3 times a week. The alcohol thing is amusing to me, but enjoy it while you can (both pregnancy and work-wise). I'm a wreck the next day at work even after just 2 beers.

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