The Bestest Brother!

So now that I’ve done a post about my sisters, I figured it was time to highlight my brother. 🙂

He’s 9 years younger than me (the youngest of 5 and I’m the oldest of the 5), but thankfully we’re very close! We both worked for my Dad in the summers for a few years, so even though we were years apart in age, we spent a lot of time hanging out when I was 21 and he was 12. Here we are eight years later, and he’s choosing to spend his college spring break hanging out with his big sis. I love it!

<3 my siblings. 🙂

Yesterday he and a buddy left their place in Fargo around 3pm MST. It’s a 20 hr drive from there to here, and 2 hrs into it, they were waived off the interstate by a cop who was shutting down the road due to high winds and bad visibility. He was bummed, but called me and figured they’d be a couple hours later than planned, no big deal.

Hanging out at our cousin’s wedding last May. Good times. 🙂 

Um, yeah. 15 1/2 hours later they finally were able to get back on the road, so instead of arriving this morning, they’re going to get in about 3am tonight/tomorrow morning. Can you believe that?! 15 1/2 hrs at a truck stop in rural North Dakota. UGH. I’m glad they’re going to make it here safely, but still, what a bummer!

Snowboarding together a couple of years ago. Can’t wait for the reprise!

Luckily, he and his friend have a whole week to hang out here and snowboard, so they have plenty of time to sleep and relax and get ready for the mountain. I cannot wait to spend some quality time with my little bro!! Love you Tom. 🙂


  1. What a great pic of you both. A framer for sure 🙂 Have so much fun Jo!!

  2. Hi Josey, before anything, I just wanted to wish your super good luck for your IUI#1. May it be fruitful.You are definitely a family of good looking people! 🙂

  3. My brother is also nine years younger than me, so I can relate. Beautiful pictures. I hope everything is going well with your cycle!

  4. I love all your family pics!!! You look exactly the same as you did way back then. Hope you have a great time with your brother this week!

  5. Seeing beautiful pics like that make me want to kick infertility in the ass and have like 6 kids!!! Have fun snowboarding with your bro:)

  6. Hope you have fun with your little bro in town, that's sweet that he chooses to visit you.

  7. I love all your pictures! I just showed my DH the pics of when all of you were kids and then from your wedding. He thought it was really cool. What a great family!!

  8. Aw, you just made me miss my little brother! Though it sounds like you've always gotten along better with yours than I have with mine–maybe we're too close in age (2 1/2 years). Have a blast snowboarding!

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