TISW Check-In

This will be short and sweet, but I thought I’d post quickly since I forgot to on Friday. It’s been a crazy week with my brother and his friend here all week, and I honestly didn’t track my food/drinks at all. Breakfasts and lunches were all around 300 calories, and snacks around 150 calories. Downfalls I’m sure were the random dinners and drinks all week long.

The good news is that I worked out consistently –

45 min power walk with the dog

30 min on the elliptical

45 min on the elliptical

4 hrs snowboarding

4.5 hrs snowboarding

Skipped workout – went to town for ultrasound/bloodwork, then drove my bro around doing touristy stuff all day.

4.5 hrs snowboarding
1 hr rockclimbing

I didn’t weigh in on Friday morning (we left early for our last day of snowboarding on the mountain and I plum forgot)… so we’ll see what I’m at this upcoming Friday and go from there. It’s a good time to detox over these next couple of weeks with family gone, husband gone, and a hugely important IUI cycle going on. Wish me luck (and perseverance!).


  1. Great job working out!!Can't wait to hear how well this cycle goes for you! 🙂

  2. Are you using livestrong or the iphone Lose It app? That's what I used last year and it worked beautifully…a little too beautifully according to my doctor, but I was happy!

  3. I actually use myfitnesspal.com – they seem to work pretty well for me. Set me at 1200 cal/day, but that goes up when I work out to keep me at a net deficit of 1.25#/week or so I think.

  4. wow I'm impressed with all your working out!

  5. I find that as long as I stick to my workouts, the rest feels easier. I might not lose weight, but I feel healthier and more motivated. Awesome job josey!!! See you on mfp 😛

  6. Good for you! I used to say that there was no point in working out if I ate poorly that day (or consistently), but that's so not true! Getting on a regualar workout schedule helps with the eating and helps to get a healthy mindset and lose weight. Keep it up! 🙂

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