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For those of you here from ICLW, welcome!
For those of you who have stuck it out with me through the joys, the tears, and the swearing, thank you!


This is a big cycle for me and my husband in IF land. We’ve been TTC since July 2009, and after 20 months (and maybe 8 actual ovulations), we’re finally trying our first medicated IUI cycle. We live in southwest Colorado about 350 miles from the nearest RE, so we’ve tried everything possible to get knocked up sans RE help… alas, copious amount of beer and pretending it’s a one night stand, lots of relaxing, numerous acupuncture appointments, herbs & meditation, and 4 non-monitored cycles with Clomid (50,100,100,150) have all resulted in BFNs. So here we are!

I have super irregular cycles (damn you PCOS) so with lots of temping and OPKs, we’ve figured out that when my body does bother to ovulate, it’s usually between CD19-30. Ya, how do you like that range? Surprisingly, my husband doesn’t like being forced into coitus every other day for 12 days just to make sure we are doing our best to hit the right day. Whiner. šŸ˜‰

That being said, I’m super curious to see what happens once we throw menopur into the mix (plus daily or every other day ultrasounds to really know what’s going on in there). My RE thinks I’ll ovulate closer to CD14… but I’m just not sure. I hope he’s right, because every day longer my body decides to go, it’s like throwing another $100-200 down the drain thanks to Menopur and OOP (out of pocket) ultrasounds. Yikes. C’mon follies – GROW QUICKLY!!

I’m writing this on Sunday night b/c tomorrow morning we are headed 3 1/2 hrs to our friends’ house for the night – then onto Denver on Tuesday morning for another appointment at CCRM. Since my husband is working out of state right now (he’ll be gone CD9-23 this cycle), we’re spending $700 (UGH) to freeze a sample to ensure that when it come time to trigger, there are some spermies in the state that are allowed to get me pregnant without it causing a divorce since my husband was out of town.

Weird, right?

So here we are. I’m on CD7 when you’re reading this, and hopefully still being nice to my husband, even with the Clomid Craaaazies going on. On Wednesday (CD9) I’ll inject myself for the very first time with my first daily 75iu dose of Menopur, and on Friday (CD11), I’ll go in for my first monitoring appointment/ultrasound to see how the follies are progressing.

Wish us luck! I look forward to reading about all of your journeys this week. I love ICLW. šŸ™‚


  1. Good luck! Good luck!!

  2. Yay for Clomid crazies! I hope it works!

  3. Good luck! I'm rooting for you guys!

  4. I really think you're going to respond sooner than you think. And I hope for the sake of your wallet that you do!Have fun over the next few days, drive safe, and good luck at your appointment!!! xo

  5. Good luck this cycle, I'll be thinking of you!

  6. Stopping over from ICLW from #63 & #153. Best wishes on your first IUI! Its exciting to try something new. Sorry your trip to your RE is so far! eep! Lol to your whiner husband šŸ™‚ Hope those follies grow quickly. Glad you have CCRM to go to. They are just fantastic.

  7. totally cheering for you this cycle šŸ™‚

  8. Yay IUI!

  9. GL with the injectibles this cycle. Menopur burns like a bitch, but it works. just thought I'd let you in on that! Hoping this cycle is the ONE! That way, you can laugh with your DH that you got knocked up while he was out of town!ICL! 149

  10. much luck and love <3

  11. Sorry about the Clomid Crazies. That's funny about the idea of getting knocked up while the hubby is out of town, right? In any other situation people would be like "you got pregnant while he was gone? You sleaze!" But the joke's on them! (well, I made myself laugh anyway…) Hoping they can catch you ovulating on time and that sperm and egg meet! šŸ™‚

  12. Hey girl! Still cheering you on! Sorry I haven't been her as regularly as I used to be. Trying to get myself straightened out! Sending lots of strong energy your way! šŸ™‚

  13. What's a Clomid crazy?! Do I want one?If it makes you feel any better, I'm on CD35 and still don't think I've ovulated – I'm not tracking, but sometimes my boobs will let me know it's happening. So… I'm right there with you on the PCOS and the loooooooooong, unpredictable cycles.Good luck, hon! Have fun shooting yourself up šŸ™‚

  14. Thanks for your encouraging words, Josey. I'm a competitive girl, so I just HAD to beat your 8.4 AMH "score". Kidding, of course!Good luck tomorrow at CCRM. I hope everything goes wonderfully. Just remember that orchid – bloom, baby, bloom!

  15. Good luck with this cycle! I bet it will go faster than you expect. With and without Clomid, I ovulated on day 18. With injectables, it was day 11, and then day 12. I was like, wait, what? We're triggering already? I hope it works for you!

  16. Hurry up and grow, follies! You hear me!? DO IT! There, that should do it. You're welcome. To thank me, you'll just need to name your first babe after me. No big, right? lolSeriously though, I wish you all the luck this cycle. I hope that you make this cycle your bitch. Grow, follies, grow!

  17. Yay! Good Luck! I am so excited for you.

  18. Good luck!! Cycling from far away is not easy, but it can be done! Crossing my fingers for you –xoxo Jane

  19. Kim here, from the ICLW and The Ladies in Waiting Book Club.Best of luck on your upcoming IUI cycle… been there! Clomid truly does make you cRaZy!

  20. Hoping this IUI is all it takes! I sure know how much money gets thrown into each cycle with an RE. I feel your pain.Being a fellow PCOSer I also know about trying to lose weight and keep it off. It's a huge struggle. Good luck with that crazy irregular cycle of yours and know we are all pulling for you.Happy ICLW – #102http://missconception-ads.blogspot.com/

  21. Oh my gosh! This cycle is moving right along and I've been living under rock it seems. Text me later on how ccrm went or if you have any injection questions. Xoxo

  22. Hi, I'm stopping by for ICLW. Good luck this cycle! Very exciting!

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