Follie Check #1 / Dentist visits while on Fertility Meds

Well, it’s CD11 and so far I’ve taken five 100mg pills of Clomid and given myself two 75iu shots of Menopur. I went in for my first follie check this morning, which sadly required me being up at a ridiculous hour. When the admissions lady, the ultrasound tech, and the lab tech all exclaim You’re here early! you know it’s early. Hopefully it will all be worth it though. 🙂

Here’s my first set of stats!!
Estradiol: 186
Lining: 4.8mm (up from 2.5 on CD2)
Right Follies: 10mm, 9mm, 7mm, with additional smaller ones noted
Left Follies: 9mm, 7mm, 6mm, with additional smaller ones noted

We trigger at 18mm. For you IUI people out there – how in the world does it happen that only 2-3 of those will mature and O when we trigger?

They want me to continue with the menopur tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, and go back in Monday morning for another ultrasound and bloodwork.

I also heard back from the nurse about the sample we had frozen in Denver for the IUI since C will be out of town. Pre/post wash numbers were 221 million / 131 million (whohoo!) with 68% motility. The nurse seemed happy with that – I know I am!

Finally, I just ordered 5 more vials of Menopur through Ascend for $71/vial with free shipping just in case I need more meds past Sunday….super annoyed that they didn’t just order me 10 originally from IVFmeds at $38.75/vial. Hopefully 10 will be plenty…though it sucks it’s costing me almost $600 for 10 vials instead of $425. Lesson learned if we have to do another cycle.


Okay, and now a quick tip for those of you who are on fertility meds and thinking of getting your teeth cleaned.

Don’t do it!

I’m guessing it’s different for everyone, and I am all about good teeth and healthy gums, but wowza, I went in for my regular 6 month cleaning yesterday and my gums bled and bled. The dental hygienist (who specializes in gum disease) was super concerned until we put 2 and 2 together and realized this is probably a side effect of the crazy hormonal stuff going on in my body right now. My teeth are sparkley clean right now, but my poor gums are sore as hell. 🙁

Off to give myself another shot – it’s 6pm!


  1. Oh! I totally misunderstood your text, I thought your e2 was at 48…so a lining of 4.8mm and e2 or 186 is even better!Great progress sounds like you might get 2-3 follicles! And a great contribution by Charlie 😉 Can't wait for your next appointment.

  2. I think the shots will just keep the bigger follies growing so that hopefully you don't overstim. Great news about the appointment and your dh's sample 😀

  3. Grow follies, grow! Such a great report all around!I hope that the shots are getting easier and that your gums feel better soon. Can't wait to hear about your next visit!

  4. Sounds like a great visit and the follies are growing just like they should! Thanks for the tip about the dental cleaning!

  5. Oh man. I'm freaking out. I can't imagine how you're feeling! 🙂

  6. Good luck! I never had that many follies to begin with, so I'm not sure how many you'll get, but a lot of the stragglers would stop growing for me, so I'm guessing the same thing will happen for you. I hope this is it!

  7. Awesome numbers from your man!! Your follies will get there very soon, not sure why some grow and others don't though. Good luck!

  8. Awesome!!!! Usually a few of the follicles will start to dominate… not sure why it happens, but I'm guessing you get at least 2, probably 3 (the two 9s and one 10) out of the deal. The rest will probably stop growing or at least at the same rate.I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

  9. That sounds great! I will be thinking about you Monday. Lesson learned yes…but you will not need to do it another cycle! I am believing this is the one! 🙂 You are so strong Jos. xoxo

  10. Great sperm count! (That still feels weird to say-lol). Enjoy your date with Menopur tonight!

  11. Yikes bloody gums does not sound fun at all. But all this is very exciting….and confusing. I am still like 'wait what does that mean?' hahaha. Sounds like it will just be a couple more days though that is exciting!

  12. Ooooh, I never thought about dental issues due to crazy hormones with meds. Sorry to hear that was a painful experience! I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning….hoping for a great ultrasound for you!!!! 🙂

  13. grow follies grow!!!!

  14. Pregnancy has definitely had the same effect on my gums! I finally found a solution that seems to help (in case you're concerned about it)–I rinse with this natural mouthwash that contains aloe vera juice. After 8 months of spitting blood every time I brushed, that finally got them to stop (just in time for my teeth cleaning today!).

  15. So exciting….I didn't have a lot of follies, so I'm of no help here, but I wanted to wish you luck and toss some baby dust your way!

  16. […] and a bit beyond. I also now have prolifically bleeding gums when I floss, which also happened when I was first on fertility meds and while I was pregnant with Stella. My boobs still haven’t grown or become very tender, […]

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