Follie Check #2 / HSA Tax Deductions!

Well, this morning was a bit of a clusterfuck because I forgot to bring my orders with me and neither the clinic (where my u/s was) nor the hospital (bloodwork) had a copy. To top it off, I had it in my email, but they can’t get/print emails at either place. How archaic is that?! It “must be faxed,” so I ended up calling my Mom (thanks Mom!), having her hack into my email, print off the orders, and fax them in. Ridiculous. At least it got done.

Here’s what I know so far…

Estradiol: 174.4 (DOWN from 186 on Friday. WTH?)
LH: 5.8
Progesterone: 0.5
Lining: 6.9mm (up from 4.8 since Friday)
Right Follies: 9mm, 8mm, 7mm
Left Follies: 15mm, 8mm, 8mm, 7mm

So yeah, I don’t know what happened to that 10 on my right side (or maybe it’s different measuring styles? it was two different ultrasound techs at two different locations).

I’m pretty bummed that $4k only got us one dominant follie right now, but I’m trying to remember that it only takes one. Oak gives me hope. She had issues with her IUI cycle, but with just one dominant follie and thin lining and f*ed up E2 levels, she ended up with little Mac. It IS possible it IS possible.

In the meantime, I’m going in for daily u/s and blood work now until trigger time. Yippee…

Hangin’ in there.

Okay – since I wrote that top part, I had an absolute meltdown. I wrote last Friday about how I was going to run out of meds if I needed more than 5 days worth, so I had ordered more for OVERNIGHT DELIVERY on Friday. Well, we don’t get Saturday delivery here (gotta love small towns) but I figured for sure we’d get the meds by Monday then. NOPE.

I just called UPS and had an absolute meltdown to the girl on the phone b/c apparently their plane got in late and trucks had gone out and the manager decided that it was okay to delay everything by a day – even the guaranteed overnight packages. They are breaking protocol and letting me come get the meds myself (the package is AT THEIR OFFICE but didn’t go out on the truck today)…which is all fine and dandy, but it means another 90 minutes in the car for me today that I shouldn’t have to do. FUCK. Better than not being able to get to the Menopur, but I am not happy right now.


On a totally different note, my tax accountant called today and told me that based on everything I’ve given her, we’re going to get $1500-1600 back this year, BUT, if we contribute the max in our family HSA (an additional $5,100 to get up to the $6,150 max), we’ll get an additional $1000 back. I’ll contribute it for 2010 and then just write a check to myself right back out (for all of the med expenses we’ve paid out of pocket). It works b/c HSAs allow you to pay medical expenses with your pre-tax income. Since the money I’ve contributed was post-tax (my former employer wouldn’t contribute pre-tax), I’m now getting the “taxed” part of that income back since it was used for medical expenses. Doesn’t cost us anything (besides my time to move funds around) and we’ll save another $1000. Ask your tax accountant if that would work for you too!


  1. So so sorry you're having such a rough time. I know it can be so frustrating, but Oak is absolutly right. To me it's not so much about the size or amount of follicles as it is truly timing things out correctly. Keep your chin up girlie. btw – many many many a tearful call with UPS or FedEx. My theory is when it only kinda matters it always gets there but when it HAS TO get there it never does. Like clockwork!

  2. WTF UPS! That is totally shitty, but I'm so glad they are letting you pick them up.Sorry about the one dominant follicle. I was hoping for more too, but Oak is right. You only need 1. I had 3, but obviously 2 of them might as well not have been there. Best of luck and keep your head up! Sometimes these suck ass cycles are the ones that end up doing the trick!

  3. What an aggravating day….but good for you geeting UPS to bend the rules!!!

  4. hey hon. It does only take one follie. I don't think IUI's really work, but that is probably just in my case. Have you had an hsg to check your tubes yet? My RE says not to believe in the dominant follicle thing because they all grow at different rates. I am sure there are some good ones in there.

  5. The tax stuff totally confused me, but that's ok. I am confused easily when it comes to that kind of stuff. Sorry you are having a tough time with the Menopur, but sounds like with some extra driving you will have it worked out. Boo for UPS!When do you trigger???BTW, I read your snowboarding post from earlier and became instantly jealous. Like I said before we lived in Jackson Hole and worked for the resort (me 2 seasons hubby 3) and had unlimited ski passes. It was amazing! I wish I could take you up on your offer to come ski, what mountain do you go to?

  6. *big hugs!* Sorry that the package people screwed up, delaying stuff. Medications are important! Seems like you're having an easier time with the injections though 🙂 Anxious for your next update!!!!And that is awesome what your accountant was able to do although I don't know what an HSA is, so all I got out of it is that you got extra money, but that's exciting stuff!

  7. So sorry about your bad day. BUT extra money and one happy baby waiting to bloom is fantastic!

  8. I'm sorry things aren't progressing the way we were all expecting, but just take things one day at a time. You're getting close to trigger now, so try to take it easy (no thanks to UPS…so mad about that!). Remember what Mas said, it's the IUI that will do the trick, not the amount of follicles.And, keep looking at that adorable picture of Mac, and you will have hope…

  9. Wow, my head is spinning from reading about your day 🙂 Friggin major hoops you had to jump through! Aren't moms great. My RE nurses always tell me " You only need one!" In a cheery voice. But they are right! Hope you get your own lil mac soon 🙂

  10. So frustrating about UPS dude. I had the same thing and ended up having my meds delivered on a Saturday to a business near my cabin since that was the only option. Yeah try that on for size…"Hi my name is Oak and I shop at your store a lot, can I have my fertility meds dropped off on Saturday?"Its all for a good cause lady!! Keep up the good fight! 🙂

  11. Jeez, way to pile on the shit UPS! I'm glad that you did at least get to get your meds, but I can imagine that 90 minutes extra of driving was a teensy bit annoying!!!fwiw you are not the first person I know who's e2 has dropped at this point – it is most likely because of the one follicle becoming dominant. Your e2 is just right for one perfect follicle.Have you asked if they really need to do *daily* b/w AND u/s? That seems a bit of overkill?*YAY* for extra money!!!

  12. Dear UPS – get your shit together! Sorry you had to deal with that. And keep repeating to yourself….IT IS POSSIBLE. 🙂

  13. Yep, all you need is one follie – that's all it takes! I'm so sorry you had to deal with the stress of getting your meds delivered, what a pain in the ass. Good news on the tax stuff though; always nice to get extra $$!

  14. Oh my I would punch UPS in the face. Sorry to hear about your follies but you're right all you need is one! grow!!!

  15. Hope your silence isn't because the monitoring is not going well… rather that you're driving to get those swimmers in place 🙂

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