Follie Check #3 / Injections in Odd Places :-)

Hey folks! Sorry for the radio silence over here. I’ve been going in every morning for monitoring ultrasounds and blood work, but since I don’t get the blood work results until the afternoon, I end up getting behind on the update.

At any rate, yesterday my largest follie was up to 16mm (up about 1mm). The others have all been dropping off and are all under 10 at this point. Sad face for that – I was really hoping another one would come out of nowhere. πŸ™

So here are my numbers from yesterday (Tuesday) morning:

Estradiol: 232 (up from 174.4)
LH: 15 (up from 5.8)
Progesterone: 1 (up from .5)
Lining: 7mm (up from 6.9mm)
Right follies: all under 10…I think they were 6, 7, 8 if I remember right
Left follies: 16mm (hopefully my future baby!), 6, 7

I’m still waiting on blood work results from this morning, so I’ll post about that in a bit. Thinking I’ll probably be triggering tonight, driving to Denver tomorrow, and doing the IUI on Friday morning. I’ll know more after I talk to the nurses and find out what the RE wants.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support ladies!! It’s so weird to have so much emotion and hope involved in a cycle again. It’s been awhile. I’m hoping to get into my acupuncturist one more time before I leave too – it just does so much to help me relax.

On another note, part of the reason I didn’t post yesterday is that I was up snowboarding again. Yeah, I’ve been going a lot lately, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to go this weekend thanks to the IUI (which is a bummer b/c it’s closing weekend – super fun!), so I was trying to get a couple days in quick pre-IUI. πŸ™‚ Sadly I only got 12 days in this year but 12 is better than none I guess!

Because I was riding with a friend yesterday who doesn’t know about the TTC/IUI stuff, I ended up sneaking my needles and menopur with me into the restaurant we went to for apres-ski because I knew we wouldn’t get home by 6pm. LOL.

It was all worth it though, because they already have off-season specials starting and we each got a mojito and sushi roll for $12. Not bad! I love my sushi. πŸ™‚


  1. I remembering doing the shots in werid places like public bathrooms..LOL!! I hope this IUI brings a beautiful baby!!

  2. Meds in the bathroom…what a familiar site. You are being such a rock star doing all of the injects and appts. on your own. Charlie must be really proud of you.

  3. Sounds like your future baby is making himself/herself known! Your numbers look very nice. It's too bad that you won't be able to close out the snowboarding season after your IUI, but I'm sure it's a small price to pay, right? πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  4. Hey Josey…that Menopure looks way too familiar. I dont know about you, but by far the most painful needle I've ever had. Good luck with the IUI!! Just about to board the flight to Denver myself. Hope that follicle is the one!!

  5. Look at you being a pro taking your meds! So proud of you! One follie is all you need, just remember that. Can't wait to hear the next step!

  6. Yup, I've injected myself in bathrooms, in parking lots… fun times!And I'm with you on the sushi. I use that and wine to console myself every month.Post today's b/w when you get it?

  7. I did a shot in my work bathroom once! That sushi looks delish and so does that mojito!!

  8. The process of trying to have a baby over the course of a long period of time always seems to involve a variet of very odd activities in bizarre settings!:) So excited for you! Can't wait to hear what the next step in the plan is! Grow, Follies, GROW!:)

  9. haha, love the pics of you shooting up in the bathroom! Come on Follies, grow!!

  10. lol, love the shot of you in the bathroom. Anyone else would have thought you were a junkie πŸ™‚ Mojito and sushi..what a perfect combo!Grow follie grow!

  11. Enjoy those mojitos and sushi now–hopefully you will be missing for about 9 months!

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